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People who have no idea what they’re on about

by on Mar.05, 2012, under General Rants

Today’s aimed piece of bile is towards people who have absolutely no idea what they’re going on about, yet speak with such conviction that you’d be easily mitaken thinking there was creedence in their statement. This pisses me off. This is quite common in online forums as recently I’ve been getting stick from some c*nt who clearly has no concept of what he’s talking about, and more to the point needs to look up what he’s saying on the internet prior to making some derisory comment towards me. Everyone’s so fucking clever when they have the answer in front of them. It’s amazing when a whole load of people make the same point and they have zero in on one person, in this instance, they decided to target me. I however don’t really have much respect for people who formulate an arguement based on copying and pasting from Wikipedia, so I suppose that me saying that people think they’re clever by having Wikipedia in front of them, well that could just be slightly off. That and he’s just a c*nt, a cheating one at that. I suppose the worst part when other dullards jump on their bandwagon because of the whole safe in numbers thing, which has been brought on by someone with shrinking balls that needs a search engine just to quantify their statement.

But you get people like this everywhere. There’s so many people who are desperate to be not seen as stupid that they will bullshit in order to seem intelligent. Granted I have a penchant of using big words to try and win an argument but at least I know what I’m on about, plus I don’t have a smart phone, which means I actually have to know what I’m on about before spouting off “knowledge”. I’ve had it before that people have had “educated” guesses at pub quiz answers. You know they’ve cheated unless their knowledge of 1950s television is impeccable and they’re under 18. The thing I like is then quizzing them further about their dubiously fathomed answer to find out they have no idea (well neither do I, I’ve had to look this up myself). But I admit when I’ve looked something up, not pretend that I’m some fucking know it all in the dire attempt for someone to admire my bristling wit.

So in conclusion if you don’t quite get it, then don’t continue to argue. If you spend your entire arguement trying to belittle someone when you yourself have just looked it up on the internet, that makes you a c*nt, a cheating c*nt at that. But that’s what you get when people feel the urge to argue on the internet, it’s a faceless mask to hide behind the fact that you would never say it to someone in public because a) you’re a coward and b) you don’t have the internet to fuel your argument. I’m backing out of the argument online because I’m not sinking down to his level by trying to slander him in a forum. I’d rather do it here, because this is my domain. Fucker.

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