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I am an avid reader of SkySports’ football website as that is the portal of which I keep my finger on the pulse with all the football headlines. It’s good because it covers all the domestic leagues so you can read about some of the action in League One and League Two, instead of just focusing on the top half of the Premiership. However while the headlines are very on top of its game, the majority of the articles are clearly biased towards the Big Three (Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea). But that’s not the focus of what my bomb is with Sky Sports, it’s the comments sections on the bottom of each of their articles is what I take umbrage to.

The article in question is this one concerning Arsenal’s potential bid of Southampton’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. I saw a couple of typically dumbass Arsenal fan’s moaning so I thought I would give a totally different perspective rather than typical Arsenal fans claiming that they have the best youth system in the country and that Arsene Wenger is some kind of nurturing deity. Well quite frankly he’s not.

Upload your thoughts to Sky Sports, and maybe they'll be published if you're a total retard

So I thought I’d put my tuppence worth in this debate and I wrote a decently worded paragraph on how Southampton’s proven track record for youngsters is as good if not better than Arsenal’s so as far as Chamberlain’s progress is concerned, he would be better off staying with Southampton to play regular football in the Championship, rather than dwelling unchallenged in the Arsenal reserves. I take Theo Walcott for example, where he was setting the Championship on fire (I am citing his long range by-line lob against Luton Town here as an example), he then completed a big money (which in the grand scheme of things £12m wasn’t enough) move to Arsenal he hasn’t quite fulfilled his whole potential. At Southampton he was developing into a total forward, capable of playing on either wing well, he’s become more of a far wide right striker who falls over all the time and has no end product (excluding the Croatia match). Has Wenger been instrumental in turning him into a World Class player? No, not at all. Southampton have also produced Kenwyne Jones, Gareth Bale, Drew Surman and who do you think gave Alan Shearer his first chance? Arsenal buy in the proven youngsters and claim them as their own produce. I think only Jack Wilshire fits that claim, the rest have been poached from elsewhere. Personally, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would benefit most from staying at least one more year with Southampton, no matter how much his dad whinges that Arsenal should sign him. (N.B. while his father Mark Chamberlain did manage a few England caps, the best club he played for was Portsmouth…no wonder he’s pushing so hard!)

Anyways, the above was the general gist of my argument which I then submitted to the website, of which it said that it was sent for moderation. This was last Thursday and while I was waiting for my comment to pop up, I saw three more comments get published. Good I thought, only a matter of time before I can get mine up. But it never came. It’s been nearly a week now and still nothing. However Sky Sports are perfectly happy to publish completely awful meaningless drivel instead however.

Is it because I can actually talk and write normally without it looking like I text it in like a complete retard? Or is it because I have highlighted the fact that I have a reason to criticise a top team and provided evidence rather than some half witted, nonsensical idiocy which usually graces these pages? It’s really vexes me how I can write a perfectly decent passage full of excellent points and decent vocabulary, only for it not to be punished in favour of some prat who just wrote: “same old wenger”. Who the f*ck moderates all this? Is it some prick on work experience doesn’t like words with more than three syllables? Because I can tell you now that what I wrote in took a lot longer and encompassed more thought than some tool with the intelligence of a piece of toast to just write “same old wenger”. We’re kind of arguing the same point, it’s just that I thought I’d excercise some eloquence.

So here’s to you Sky Sports, thanks for rejecting my point all because your employees who moderate the comments section are too thick to understand my writings. Either employ someone who can actually spell GCSE, or take away the Post Comment section all together if you’re incapable of understanding wit.

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