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Dino Dominion (Android/iOS) Set Up Us The Bomb

by on Oct.29, 2012, under Dinosaurs, Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

*WARNING: If you play Dino Dominion on Android, you really need to read this before spending any money on it*

Dinosaur games are an extreme minority these days on any platform. We had Dino Crisis on the Playstation and Turok on the N64, but nothing ever really captured the true feeling of a decent dinosaur game, after all in both those franchises, the dinosaurs were the antagonists. With the popularity of Pokemon and it’s billions of spin offs, hasn’t someone decided to make a Dino game? Yes it appears, COPOPL inc have made a free game on Andriod and iOS for dinosaur collecting and battling “card game”. Brilliant I thought, exactly what I wanted.

And initially I was not disappointed. While other people have likened it to Rage of Bahamut on Android, this is easily better. You battle other users, wander around a Jurassic Park style island collecting and defeating dinosaurs. It’s addictive, and seriously I haven’t been able to put it down. Just as my fingers were lighting up the keyboard to proclaim how amazing this game is, it all went horribly wrong.

To move onto the next section, you need to fulfill tasks, so what happens when the game fucks up and you get no tasks?  Don’t expect any help. But we appreciate the business

As with any RPG game, the gameplay is driven by objectives, the new areas will not unlock until you have done all the tasks for that area. For a whole week now I have been wandering around aimlessly without any tasks to do as the two new areas on Othniel Coast and Arumo Coast will not unlock. The task menu is empty and just says: “You have cleared all tasks that you can currently accept. Please wait until new tasks are assigned to you”. Having tried everything and circumnavigated the entire map, still nothing popped up.

So I’ll use the support option off the main menu I thought, after all, that’s what it’s here for right? So I sent in an in-game message to the support. This was the email correspondence between myself and COPOPL’s support:

Hi there, both new zones on othniel coast and arumo coast are locked saying I need to complete task before moving on, but I have no tasks and have completed everything I’ve been given. How can I progress?

Kind regards,

Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

To which the reply was:
Wednesday, 24 October 2012, 11:03

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting us. This is DINO DOMINION Support Team.We have confirmed that the task can be completed properly.
Please make sure to fulfill the conditions for the task.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with any other information regarding the gameplay.

Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your business.



Is that not just a template which translates to mean fuck off? They haven’t looked into this at all and just sent me an automated reply hoping that I’ll just carry on. Considering that I cannot PROGRESS in the game, doesn’t this make it a bit difficult to carry on? You see I’m also a mug, because I was enjoying the game so much, that I actually PAID REAL MONEY to in game stuff. I realise that that is how they make their money from a free game, but it’s good, it’s competitive and it’s something you can play by carrying it around with you. But in light on how awful their support is, I’m completely discouraged from spending any further money at all. What I haven’t showed here is the three subsequent follow up emails I sent to their support department, to which have not been replied to.

Clearly it’s an error with the game itself, and despite clearing the cache (which does absolutely nothing by the way), the aimless wandering was driving me insane, I couldn’t even do the bonus missions because there was clearly something wrong with the missions which was stopping me do anything with the game. The announcements however did advertise signing up for an advanced user, something which I did when I first got the game as a safeguard in case you transfer your game to another device or if the game was deleted you can restore your progress. Since my current game was unplayable from being stuck in objective inertia. Perhaps this is a moment of madness on my part or false faith on COPOPL’s advanced user backup system, because I thought that perhaps reinstalling the application would solve the issue. However, it just got a whole load worse.

The Dino Dominion Advanced User DOES NOT WORK. Do NOT uninstall and then reinstall your game because it does not work. Its just a tool to take your email address so you can be spammed to high heaven.

That’s right, there is no option anywhere to restore your saved game like they advertise and you have to start from scratch all over again. I was previously a level 58 with a great collection of different dinosaurs for different terrains. All gone. All the real money I invested in the game to get that stupid D Gold to unlock Gold Cages…all gone. Again I have sent a request for help on the support function in game, and surprise surprise, no reply whatsoever. So how hard is it to restore my game? Seeing that I still get the notifications from my previous game, then something on my phone is obviously still there. I did have some D Gold saved up on the other game, but since it’s forced me to start again, that’s lost too. Clearly COPOPL as a company just don’t care, they just milk the users like myself for money and not provide any decent support. It’s a disgrace, a total disgrace.

Player vs Player is all good, but try facing someone who has got a Super Rare Dino. You have no chance to survive.

The gameplay itself is designed to sucker people in to spend real money by carrot dangling the hope of unlocking a gold cage, only available via D Gold/real money to get one of the super overpowered SUPER RARE dinosaurs. I’ve seen the occasionaly player with one in PvP and I can safely say that you unless you possess one yourself, you will never, EVER beat them. That one, randomly overpowered dinosaur will wipe out your entire deck single handedly. So where is the skill in that? It’s a very very cunning marketing scheme. How can it be fair to some players who would have spent money on gold tickets to open the Rare gold cages, when certainly in my experience, you often get normal ones. Takes away the point of making these gold cages special, especially since you can catch half the crap you get out of the gold ones. But since people are actually spending MONEY on these, I find that decidedly criminal. I personally hate things which are determined at random, not the skill of the player to assemble a finely tuned, prepared and tactically sound deck, only for it to be obliterated by one dino which someone got at random.

You cannot fight this user anymore

This is one of the most frustrating mesages you will get in this game. Some person attacks you for the DNA that you are collecting to build a more powerful dinosaur, manages to somehow defeat your deck, usually because the “primary” deck feature is shit, takes your hard earned DNA. Having got the notification, you want to retaliate don’t you, seeing that this was merely 2 minutes ago. Well tough shit because “you cannot fight this user anymore”. Why not? Where is the balance in that?

This game caught my attention initally and it really was the best Android game I have ever played by far, but the glitches in it, and COPOPL’s sheer defiance to look into cases whereby the game has failed and cannot be continued due to some programming interia, that’s where this falls down and falls down HARD. Spending real money to get cool stuff in this game is false economy as you totally don’t get what you pay for and ultimately, they don’t care, because you’ve paid them now. Plus if the game corrupts, then you will LOSE EVERYTHING. Seriosuly everyone, save up about £20 and go out and buy Borderlands 2, it’s much better to actually play a game which is supported, not a money spinning scheme which lies to you.

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  • Dave

    The reason you are unable to fight someone after they took your DNA is because they already cashed in the DNA for a dino.

  • Dave

    Also I ran into same problem where cant go to next zone. That is caused by the next zone not being released for play yet. Which means still under development

  • SynRaptor

    So you agree with people spending money on a game which is flawed then? That’s like people buying the new Black Ops 2 and there only being like 3 guns in it. If it’s in development, then you shouldn’t be able to see the other zones then. Plus where does it say that this is the case. I hear what you’re saying Dave, it’s just that it’s quite misleading.

  • Mac

    I sympathize with your sentiment over the OP super rares and the occasional task bugs (since those piss me off too, and I haven’t paid any money for the game, nor do I intend to) but I have successfully deleted and reinstalled the game and used the same account. When i first got the advanced user option, I was confused about the sign up process because I couldn’t seem to set a password.

    Naturally when I reinstalled the game, I couldn’t “log in” so to speak and I thought I was pretty screwed. However, I spied another button that said something about having a “google account,” and after pressing it, the game loaded as it always had. I suppose i Just got lucky, or maybe this was a feature that was introduced recently, as for some reason the game has become an updating machine.

    That said, since the email I used was the one I was required to sign up with when I first got my phone, I don’t check it very often, but I have yet to see any email from COLOPL.

    I suppose you could try the game again if you want, although I understand if you decide not to. And to clarify, I do not work for Colopl- I found your blog while searching for a wiki or something that can tell me how to get bloody skills in my deck.



  • roxss

    I agree on the op dinos ive gotten some pretty strong dinos by leveling up the ones i Catch in the zones and i hate being beaten by the very first dino that goes first during battle just because its a super rare dino

  • Lordi

    Fun game I haven’t ran into any bugs at all, that darn super rares there tough to beat but with all the events it’s not to hard to get a lot of dino tickets and possibly get a super rare dino. Well here’s my referral code *******U use it and you will get a free rare or super rare dino.

  • SynRaptor

    I didn’t write this to promote your code

  • Rich

    Hahaha I just love the last comment ***U. Well I was very happy when i found this game, it look very promising, I was very excited raising my first dinos, T-rex, pteranodon, plesiosaurus… at that point it was so real, but after the Super, super rares, super rare boosted… appeared, there are no more real dinos, they look like freaking mutants!!! Anyway I keep calm and keep playing =P Im getting to level 100 and all my dinos are Rare, but yesterday I was very mad because I had a battle whith someone at level 6 in an event, but this little **cking guy had only 3 dinos on his deck!!! but they where Super, how is that possible!!! That little piece of crap beat me. I Think its time to look for other game, thats disappointing

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