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Friends: I’ll Be There For You…apparently

by on Apr.13, 2012, under General Rants

Recently, one of my friends has had a disintegration of their friend group brought on by one of the girls being a crazy lunatic. Now my interpretation of friends are people who no matter whether they agree with you, will have your back regardless of the circumstances unless you commit acts of genocide or crime. Well in this instance one girl’s complete fabrication of events has turned sour and ended up in an instance of affray. Since there is no basis for her accusations, from my perspective it is completely uncalled for. Basically this girl needs professional help for her psychotic behaviour as going around attacking people is unacceptable.

Since the altercation there stands to be a veritable schism in the friendship group, and considering that the events leading up to this are completely ficticious, I’ve become rather cynical about the perspective of people who choose to stand by someone being completely, well dare I say it, MANIACAL. If one of my close friends were behaving in such a ridiculous and aggressive way I personally would first tell them how ridiculous they were being, but to actually go out and physically harm someone without a just cause, well I don’t think I could stand by someone behaving so disgracefully. Does that make me a bad friend? I don’t think so. Because friendship is a two way street. It’s give and take. Having a so-called “friend” turn on you with no indication or even actual REASON is frankly awful and disgraceful. Sure the party in question has a penchant for being slightly volatile, but the verbal abuse which is born out of nothing is completely unacceptable.

But after the altercation, is it right to try and get everyone “on your side” by trying to convey your account of the precedings first? Probably not, but we’re all human and we do stuff like that. But the third party friends should hear the other side of the events to ensure that they can adequately make up their own mind before the inevitable choosing of sides. Personally I don’t like the mandatory selection of who is right and who is wrong, but as I said, we’re all human. If both sides make a valid account of the events, then fine, as friends you can choose to get involved and choose sides, or simply just butt out. However when one side of the argument chooses to attempt to poison peoples perception with embellished stories designed solely to turn against other people, that is just disgraceful. Not only is it irrelevant and malicious, it’s also a pretty cunty thing to do. Obviously the paradigm of people acting like adults to resolve a situation is not always applicable, especially when one party is behaving so irrationally that they are drawing inevitable similarities to Jacob’s Ladder, but nevertheless I would like to believe that level minded people would see through this facade and choose to be decent about it straight from the off.

It annoys me when people act like cunts, and then try to convince everyone else that they’re innocent and the victim of the situation by fabricating stories and dredging up past indifferences to essentially win their argument. It’s childish and manipulative and frankly, a total disgrace. It’s frustrating, but some people I guess lack the necessary minerals to be properly classed as an adult despite the age showing on their driving licence.

Thankfully this isn’t occuring in my direct group of friends, but it’s sad to see it happening at all.

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