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Mr Bean has invaded the forum

by on Mar.15, 2012, under General Rants

Oh goody, more smug twats online tonight:

"Nothing wrong with showing emotions. 'Man up' is a term that belongs into the stone age"

Sarcasm is ACTUALLY lost on some people, who actually take literal meaning in things I say. When I write things like the amusing status above, it was meant as a joke. When people do take things literally, I can only assume that it’s Mr Bean. Now since I’ve joined this web forum, I swear the vast majority have a chip on their shoulder, or a serious bout of Autism, because all my sarcasm is just lost. And in this case, it’s definitely Mr Bean who’s replied to me.

The fact that I saw a grown man insolably crying like a stricken widow, into a fit of uncontrollable hysteria as a result of a football match is a bit much don’t you think? I’ve been at Anfield when Liverpool have been knocked out of a European competition (Celtic in 2004 to be precise when we lost 2-0) but did I start bawling as if some kind of heinous atrocity has befallen me? No I didn’t. I was a bit gutted yeah, but seriously I think the only time I’ve cried to that degree is when a long term girlfriend broke up with me to go off with another guy. But my football team got eliminated from a competition? Not likely. But did I actually say that there’s something wrong with being emotional? No I did not. And certainly I wouldn’t have a whole section called EMO RANTS if I thought there was something wrong with being emotional now would I smart arse?

If we’re being literal I would question the vernacular of the troglodytes who populated the stone age as I’m pretty sure a colloquial diction such as “man up” did not exist, more grunts and animated gestures as communication. But saying it belongs in the stone age is ironic sarcasm to a sarcastic statement in the first place. Like pissing on a fish, it’s hardly going to be offended is it?  Well at least I’m intelligent when I’m being literal, not a humourless retard like this guy.

I’ll leave it up to you whether you think Tsubasa is Mr Bean, or just a twat!

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