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Dante’s 8th Circle Via Wordgames

by on Apr.16, 2012, under General Rants

Amazing how if you google Hanging with Friends, the next popular hit is cheating! Disgraceful!

Hanging With Friends, one of the most addictive games on Android is certainly not without its controversial moments. Now I love word games due to being a person of, what I like to believe, someone of a vast vocabulary. So yes I’m well versed on subjects like Astrophysics, Chemistry, Geography and of course Computing. That and my penchant and nearly eidetic memory for trivial facts so to be accused of cheating from playing words like “dialysis“, “stoicism“, and “saltwork” is a bit rich, since anyone with GCSEs can tell you what they mean. Plus I like to think I am a scientist. And I use logic and appropriate hypotheses to deduce outcomes.

But when I’m being sent words like “Taluks“, “Hejiras“, “Qadi” and “Haen“, I start to question his audacious claims of foul play on my part. Considering that the first three words are all connected to Islam, I draw the conclusion that he is either a) a cheat, and therefore by proxy a f*cking hypocrite, or b) a purveyor of Islam and the entire Muslim faith. The latter is about as absurd as using custard to weatherproof a suspension bridge. I am aware of foreign words and customs from watching documentaries by Michael Palin and all the weird archaeological ones on Channel 4, so yeah I am accustomed to ancient and foreign words but I find it incredulous that I am branded a “cheat” just because I’m educated enough to know where Mesopotamia and Caanan used to be.

I also don’t accept that it’s a random selection of letters which happen to be accepted by the dictionary, because the probability of all these words formulating words pertaining to the Middle East and their respective religions is too uncanny for an accident.

Qadi: Muslim judge...obviously

So there I am with a copy of the Webster’s Dictionary researching these mystery words, and yes they do exist, although technically speaking, are gramatically incorrect, which is why I find it weird that it can be accepted in a word game. For example a “Hejira” is the pilgrimage of Muhammad to Mecca, so having the word as a plural is completely incorrect. Similarly to play the word “Taluks” (which I found to be a sect of jurisdiction in Islam society) and “Qadi” (which is a Muslim judge) to all be played in the same game a bit suspicious, either that or indeed my friend has found the Qu’ran particularly enlightening, or certainly the culture. Oh and off topic, just so you know, a “Haen” is an indiginous language of the Yukon Territories. EVEN Michael Palin probably didn’t know that, not that I’m particularly au fait with Inuit customs. (Amazingly, I’ve tried to play the word “inuit” in a game before and it rejected it!)

All of these aforementioned words have taught me something now from looking up, I mean I love wider reading and reading different subjects giving me a broader general knowledge can only be a good thing, but to be accused of being a cheat when they’re playing words that even that smart arse fat/bald twat from Eggheads wouldn’t get I find beyond rich. Maybe it’s coincidence that 75% of his bullshit words happen to be related to Islam or the regions associated with it, but I still think it’s a bit rich to call me a cheat just because I actually paid attention at school. I know he’s cheating, but it’s not worth me accusing him of so because it won’t get me anywhere.

The other discerning fact is that there is always a particularly high correlation between being accused of something of which the accuser is guilty of (that is called Tu Quoque, in terms of logical arguments, but I’ll probably be accused of making that up! So look it up yourself!) Considering that not only myself has noticed his dodgy words on Words With Friends, and by his own volition come out and said he doesn’t cheat when we’re in the pub when nobody even mentioned it is indicative of a guilty conscience. Apply Occam’s Razor to this and answer you get is that he’s a cheat.

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