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Choc Ices and Banana Throwing

by on Jul.23, 2012, under General Rants

Racism, mainly of late, have gone completely out of hand. Granted everyone has more heightened awareness of it from the Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra “incident” and now the court case involving Anton Ferdinand/John Terry has transpired, everyone is hypersensitive to the subject. I agreed with the Panorama program reporting on the Nazi salutes in Poland/Ukraine ahead of the Euros, and mercifully nothing happened of that nature throughout the tournament, but in the converse, people are blowing the media’s perception of “racism” out of the water.

Because of this odious little man, people now a) blow racism out of proportion, and b) use it to get attention.

As an ethnic minority myself, I am completely au fait with notion of racism and lots of people in the media seem to have a gross misunderstanding of racism and are seemingly interchanging it with plain ignorance. Perhaps I’m more grounded on the subject because I’ve grown up with it my whole life rather than just discovering for the first time which everyone seems to be acting like. It takes a lot for me to be offended by someone making comments as about 90% of it is just ignorance and a lack of understanding, which is dismissed by myself as idiotic, not racist. Unfortunately other less intelligent people cry racism for the sheer crack of it, like Patrice Evra for example.

But maybe it is ignorance on my part, because I don’t see how throwing bananas is grossly offensive. I can see how some people of african origin make take offence to it as “monkey” is a horrible derogatory term for someone of that ethnicity, but is it only monkeys who eat bananas? Chimpanzees were used in the iconic PG Tips adverts of the 1990s, so if someone threw teabags on the pitch is that offensive to black players as well? Or ones of Indian heritage? What next, throwing sushi at a Japanese player? Either way yeah, nothing should be thrown on to the pitch from the stands. But I’m being pedantic now, but trying to illustrate the oversensitive nature of this issue.

Is choc ice the new “N-word”? Well it shouldn’t be due to being brown and yellow, not white you colour blind imbeciles

And as for these “racist names”, I mean come on it’s getting a bit silly now. It’s alleged that Rio Ferdinand was amused by someone referring to Ashley Cole as a “choc ice”. Now where I’m from someone being called a choc ice means you’re thick. It’s the same as calling someone a blockhead or a dumbass. But all of a sudden it’s now a racist term? Give me a f*cking break. For a start a choc ice has yellow vanilla ice cream in the centre, yet the inference is that it’s black on the outside and white on the inside, which it’s not. It’s brown on the outside and yellow on the inside. If I bought a choc ice and it was white on the inside, I’d be straight back to the shop demanding to find the c*nt who bleached my f*cking ice cream. But again, this is absurd. Plus has everyone else forgotten that Rio Ferdinand is also of black origin? With that in mind, who the f*ck cares!

Piara Powar, hopes to stamp out racism by calling British based Indians “coconuts”… not too clever then

I’ve heard the “coconut” used as a racial slur with the whole brown on the outside, white on the inside inference against people of Indian heritage living in Britain, like when Piara Powar; the head of anti-discrimination; ironically called an Indian football fan a coconut on twitter. Not only was this the most ironic thing I’ve seen since the notion of burning to death in a fire engine, but still,  it’s not THAT offensive unless you’re really looking for it. I can see how people can take offence to comments like that, but Piara Powar should know better than to attempt to stamp out racism by using it. Choc Ice however, is not racist. Unless you make it racist, which is what people do these days. Granted it would be better if they just called Ashley Cole a c*nt, because that is unequivocally correct, but for the racism brigade to go up in arms about it, it’s just people making a fuss for attention. And for a start, why hasn’t Powar been fired for using racial slurs when that is exactly the very thing he’s trying to remove? That’s like have Daz detergent making your clothes dirtier, or Slim Fast making you fatter, it would do the exact opposite of what it’s trying to achieve.

Clarke Carlisle: has used recent racism incidents to boost his own profile

Similarly, Clarke Carlisle has cunningly used all this attention about racism to boost his own profile. He’s managed to get a whole television program out about it by making everyone so hyper-sensitive to the idiom of racism since the Luis Suarez affair, has managed to forge a springboard into the limelight by attempting to portray himself as some kind of anti-racism messiah. It seems only Preston, Burnley and Watfordfans had actually heard of him, now he’s piping up every time someone as so much mentions a 7 pointed snooker ball with finger waving and his soapbox in tow. Personally I think Clarke Carlisle is a complete tw*t who has used this whole situation of “racism” in football to promote his own profile and post-football career, which if you ask me is shameful. It’s not that I don’t like the guy, it’s just that his continuously misplaced comments have made ethnic minorities afraid to enjoy football properly by portraying today’s football culture as some kind of Draconian society of intolerance, which it certainly is not outside of Portsmouth city limits. This shameless self-promotion is disgraceful and I personally find it more offensive that he has used this to his own advantage.

In summation, does racism exist in football? Possibly, but it’s more under the guise of neo-Nazism in eastern Europe. In Britain? No I don’t think so. There’s a lot of stupidity sure, like with John Terry for example, and general intolerance, but to keep painting a “Racism” banner every time someone gets called an inocuous name, then try and make out that we’re as bad as aparteid in South Africa, you need to reel it in and stop being so f*cking sensitive.


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