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Valentine’s Day

by on Apr.10, 2011, under The World According to Ette

You’re single therefore you have the monopoly on misery

OK, I admit it I’m a romantic at heart; I love chocolates, flowers, bad rom coms and yes Valentine’s Day. I don’t see anything wrong on setting a day aside to tell someone we love them. Ok, we should do it every day, but there are a lot of things we should do every day that most people don’t – like 5 portions of fruit and veg! I know Valentine’s day has become incredibly over commercialised and a lot of companies make a huge amount of money (especially interflora!) but so what, that creates jobs and keeps the service industry going.

I have a lot of single friends and most of them have been really down about Valentine’s and it’s something I just don’t get. Even back in my single days I didn’t get upset because everyone around me was “loved up” just the opposite in fact, I found it nice that for one day I saw love and beauty everywhere I went. Women with smiles carrying bouquets, teenagers glued to the phones with that unmistakeable glow of first love, guys who never show their feelings telling their partners “I love you”. So, why the hate?

The answer I’ve had from most of my friends is that it’s difficult to see everyone around you being so happy when there’s something missing from your life. Most of all I find this sad. A relationship isn’t everything in life, and yes it IS a huge part of your life if you’re in one but if you’re not you don’t suddenly become a half person with nothing to offer. If you really are so down about not being in a relationship then Valentine’s Day should be just another day when you feel something missing, every day you see a couple walking hand in hand or a family with a baby should be hell. Society’s in a bad way when it’s suddenly acceptable to be so down on a day designed to be so positive. Facebook has been full of status’s hating Valentine’s Day, some really vehemently.

So, are those in a relationship now supposed to apologies for having the audacity to be happy? And where does it end? I’d say going through mother’s day or father’s day just after losing a parent or growing up without one is much worse and there’s certainly a huge hole left by that. Or what about couple who can’t have a family these days must at times bring about feelings of upset for them. Should we cancel Mother’s and Father’s Days? Should we write Facebook status’s condemning these days for their evil reminders of what’s wrong with our lives?

Maybe it’s time for the valentine’s haters to get a grip, nobody’s life is perfect but we all have lives to live so live it. You don’t want to go in for all the chocolate hearts and flowers? Don’t! Go out with your friends, see a movie, read a book. Do something positive rather than dwelling on something you think is missing in your life. Most of all, remember the poor person who’s lost their mother who has to go through mother’s day a month later and think twice about how lucky you have it.

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