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If you can’t say anything intelligent… SHUT THE HELL UP!

by on Feb.14, 2011, under The World According to Ette

Firstly I’d like to say everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it must be accepted that opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one and most are full of shit. The main problem in today’s society is that mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have opened up whole new platform for know it all teenagers to spout their aforementioned shit.

Recent Facebook debates have led me almost to the point of despair, and whilst I agree that the world is a better place for having people having varied views I’m sick of those who will jump on any bandwagon for the sake of it. If you’re going to debate a topic you’d better know what you’re talking about otherwise I will be forced to hand you your ass on a plate.  In light of this here are some tips from The Ette.

  1. Debating government policy: I don’t care what the policy is but if you’re going to take a swing at it then you’d better know what it actually says rather than what you thought you read in The Sun whilst in fact staring at the ample bosom of the page 3 girl
  2. The Judiciary: in a lot of ways this is a HUGE no when debating with The Ette. Firstly because The Ette is a law undergrad, secondly unless you’ve studied law in some form you do not understand the judiciary. Judicial decisions are complex as is the law behind them unless you spend a lot of time reading The Times law reports (note the times law reports the people who actually know how to report a case properly not whatever rubbish the Daily Mail has written this week) then you will not have the knowledge or understanding of the legal system to debate this topic.
  3. The Human Rights Act: take it from me you do not understand The Human Rights Act. The Human Rights Act does not mean that burglars can go free. It entitles them to a fair trial. The rights conferred by the convention of human rights are not absolute they are balanced with the human rights of others. Otherwise we would not be able to put anyone in prison as it would interfere with their right to liberty, but their liberty at times would interfere with the right to life of others. If you do not study law the chances are you do not understand The Human Rights Act
  4. Football: Lets keep this simple, don’t tell me one week that you don’t follow football and the another try and impersonate the worlds leading knowledge on football and all footballing related matters. I may be female but I do know about football, and yes I understand the off side rule as well. As with all topics, if you don’t understand it, feel free to express an opinion, but accept that others will know more. Another important point is if you support Manchester United you know nothing about football.
  5. Politics: This is always a touchy subject especially with the referendum on Alternative Voting coming up. Debate away my friends but do your research first, the grass is not always greener on the other side. And for those in favour of proportional representation I’ll say only this – it led to Hitler.

Now for those who will misread/misinterpret this. I have not at any point said that having an opinion is a bad thing, that is why the English language contains wonderful words like “think” and “feel”. But for those who try to pass opinion off as fact without bothering to check the facts of their argument first, if you can’t say anything intelligent then shut the hell up.


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