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What if I wanted to fight, beg for the rest of my life…

by on Oct.11, 2010, under Emo Rants

Similar to previous post I put up I’d like to talk about having your heart broken by someone only for them to turn around and want to be friends. Now to quote a previous comment that’s been made on here:

“Saying you can NEVER be friends after that has made your entire relationship worthless if you can’t even remain civil.”

Now while I strongly disagree with that statement, I would like to point out the different scenarios will incur different outcomes. Yes an amicable split could result in civility during the post-relationship but honestly how often does that ever happen? I need to make this scenario I’m describing crystal clear that I don’t get misconstrued again. I’m referring to the instance whereby you’ve been ditched without any prior warning and the ex wants to be friends. Now that I’ve managed to stipulate the caveat of this situation, I can say that it’s bullshit. How can someone have the gall to destroy every emotion you have invested in them, in favour of going off with someone else, and then ask for your friendship. That to me makes no sense. It’s like breaking into someone’s house, stealing all their earthly possessions and then asking them if they want to go down the pub for a drink. It’s madness. By causing the emotional disintegration of someone, you forego the right for any kind of friendship. After all, you don’t treat your friends with such a level of disdain do you?

In the instance that you do decide to begrudgingly be friends there is always that constraint. You can never be comfortable with seeing someone else replace you regardless of how much you think you’re alright with it. It hurts, seeing someone doing the very role you believe should rightfully be yours. I have a very good friend of mine who recently tried an amicable split with his ex-girlfriend only to find out how awful it is to see him get an invite to her engagement party and subsequent wedding. Not only is that crass ignorance, but it’s hurtful. Don’t get me wrong, as much as he wanted to see her happy, there is an element of having your face rubbed in it, especially when it is broadcast so fervently. It shreds emotions and while time has passed since they were together, it’s still really hard, and I was just the spectator to the whole event. Arguably it would have been fine if it was mentioned off the cuff, but since it was portrayed so passionately, I think that was out of order. I understand that when you’re happy it is difficult to contain one’s excitement, but to act with such disregard for another’s feelings, I personally feel that’s wrong.

So in conclusion, having your heart broken is one thing, having your face rubbed in it is another. You can move on from a situation, but you can’t erase emotions like a windows word file. They stay with you forever no matter how much you choose to acknowledge them. Instigating emotional armaggeddon is bad enough, a constant reminder is just gloating regardless of the intention.

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