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Death is nothing at all, I have only slipped away to the next room

by on Jun.27, 2011, under Emo Rants

I suppose I should apologise for starting the week with such a starkly morose subject but it’s a point of contemplation which is always there and I’d just like to convey my views on it. Views of which I personally have been judged on having but despite how many times I’ve been called weird or a liar, it doesn’t change the fact that this is what I believe.  While we’re on the subject of belief, I understand that not everybody has the same perception of what I believe. This isn’t a religious, or anti-religious rant, and this is no castigation upon what someone else may think.

This poem by Henry Scott Holland really spurred my mind and got me thinking rather deeply. It has been asked so many times the question “What happens when you die?”. No one actually knows for certain, 100% what happens and while there are many theories, you can only find the best attempts of an answer based on what you feel is true. As someone who in the belief stakes is essentially agnostic, I don’t really subscribe to the “Heaven if you’re good, Hell if you’re bad” idea at all. All religions seem to have this ascendency to some kind of Paradise once you finally die and looking back at all the cultures, my set of beliefs seems to follow the Greek mythology of the Elysian Fields, a parallel plane to our existence.

So what is it that I believe you’re probably thinking as you’ve got this far into the article and I’ve just been vague and philosophical. I personally believe in the Afterlife. I believe that every human has a life force which the Chinese would refer to as your “chi” or “qi” and this tangible force is probably what would equate to most people as your “soul“. For me, your life force is a the purest form of energy. It envelops your body like an invisible, ethereal shroud and is comprised of energy.

I also have something which I like to refer to as my “gift” but to Paranormal Psychologists would call Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP for short. Not in a crazy Derek Acorah kind of way, more ambient sense of location. I can sense energies which to the naked eye, there is nothing there. You know the feeling that someone is in the same room as you even though there is no one there? And I’m not afraid of the dark either, it doesn’t have to be a darkened room at all. In short, I believe in ghosts. Now there’s going to be many challengers to my beliefs here saying that “how can I believe in ghosts, yet agnostic when it comes to religion?”. This is simply answered, I have had experiences with spectral phenomena yet felt absolutely nothing spiritual when praying/being in church whatsoever. But that’s why I’m agnostic, I have no influence from religion when I formulated my belief.

My first proper experience was my friend’s house at university and there was definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, a presence there. People think that I must have been scared or whatever, but I wasn’t afraid, I could just tell when someone else in my presence. I always felt that there was someone standing at the top of the stairs and I wasn’t the only one to think so, several people mutually exclusively had felt the same thing. There have been other experiences but this was the one which made me realise that my perspective of afterlife has changed.

The River Styx, possibly more symbolic than we appreciate?

So what does a “ghost” actually mean? Well I feel that some stay here in the same plain as our existence, yet others transcend time and space to another plain of existence. This I believe is what some people refer to as “crossing over“. But the scientific perspective I suppose is that our compostion of energy is transferred when we die to become spectral energy, similar to the way that incandescence makes thermal energy become photonic energy. Thus our life force becomes what I refer to as “spectral energy”. Sometimes when such energy concentrates it will “manifest” and sightings of this energy become what people refer to as ghosts. Plus I’m not the first person to have felt/seen spirits/apparitions so surely not everyone is mad or afraid of the dark. I do believe that remnants of past lives are kept within walls as this a reflection of energy and something I like to call an echo of time. How do we know that the whole ethos of crossing over wasn’t used as a metaphor by the Greeks/Romans when they believed that Charon ferried the dead across the River Styx? Maybe it was more symbolic than the simple story telling people perceive it to be.

But this is my view. Yes it may seem bizarre that I believe we transcend parallel dimensions to another plane of existence. Afterlife for me is definitely possible, although I may lack explanation, I feel that this is what happens. It’s not a trick of the mind to see things which aren’t there and while I would love to believe that Heaven is a place with pearly gates and cherubs playing harps, I just can’t believe that. For that same reason I’m dubious about this whole “judgement” scenario, deciding whether you go to Heaven or Hell. It vexes me and I since I have never felt spiritual connection to God or any other higher power from one of the religions, I will remain with this opinion. I believe in spirits, and I believe that we all go somewhere when we die. Some may remain here, but I believe in a place that transcends the reality that we know. It’s almost like a child you’re frightened into believing in Hell first, and it’s this Dante-esque hierarchical abyss when you are judged on your life’s misdemeanours.

Neutron Star is a remnant of a past life if you think about it...

We’re all from the death of a star atomically, every atom we are was created in a supernova. But a star is immediately born again from it’s nucleus as the energy is never lost. Taoist and Buddhist beliefs believe in the endless circle of life, death and rebirth, and I believe there is something in that for sure. Energy is never lost remember, I believe that is the same with your chi.

Henry Scott Holland said we only only slip into the room next door in his poem “Death is Nothing at All”, I think he was right, and he was also right in the fact that people will live on in your heart as long as you remember them. What a fantastic way to think.

I do not fear dying, but that is the one thing guaranteed in this world. I would rather focus on living my life while I’m alive, rather than worrying about what happens after I’m gone. We’ll only know when the time comes, but I know people’s spirits live on after death. Death is not the end. Why do we have to have this pomp and circumstance of ascendancy to Heaven or plummeting downwards into Hell, why can’t we just say we go home, after all, we came from the cosmos, what’s to say we don’t go back?

Everyone who I have loved and lost, still lives on within me, because they are in my memories. Maybe not in the physical, but my own chi tells me that they are all well and continue to look out for me, so I believe death is a mere transgression.

You can believe in anything you want, this is what I believe in. I’m not asking you to believe me, but thank you for listening to me. All is well.

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  • Whyte Rabit

    Interesting post! And yes, nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. I can’t remember who said that first, but I do like the quote.

    As for the theories on judgment, I think that it’s a little over dramatised in churches and religions in general. I mean, if God does judge you for your sins, then I think if your sins summount to something small or trivial like stealing something, then it’s a little overkill to send you to hell and eternal damnation for that. Murderers yes, but petit theft, maybe not? I guess that’s why Catholics have confession. Or there needs to be a middle ground. But the idea of heaven and hell, although believed by most religious people in some form or other, and even if it is true, was mainly invented and hyped by religions to keep order. “Don’t do that or you’ll go to hell.” works better than the threat of a slap on the wrists!

    Your take on spirits too reminds me of the film ‘The Others’, absolutely brilliant film and very cleverly done.

    If you want a great take on the idea of reincarnation after death then Dream Theater’s ‘Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory’ album is absolutely fantastic, and also very cleverly written.

  • Chrysalis

    Smart concept on the transvergence of energy to the next plain.

    Not taking on board the concept of judgement frees us up from the fear of the possibility and drawing a line of distinction to divide “wrongs” into good and bad camps, this is a big weight off our backs…. far better to brush off the concept of the possibility of judgement in favour of passing through to another plane of existance when our biological bodies’s cells having regenerated their last and unable to maintain continuation and repair, give up the ghost into spectral energy to where ever it chooses to go!
    Stories of out of body experiences detail hovering outside ones body and moving great distances while maintaining an umbilical cord of connection to the body. There are stories of people coming back from near death experiences where they felt drawn towards light… none of us knows as none of us have been there at deaths door yet.

    To claim we know what happens when we die is nonsensical as none of us knows what it is to live in someone elses body – perhaps one day scientist will connect up the neurones into dying peoples brains so they can live the experience and see what they see. Given its not guaranteed to work.

    As for the possibility of judgement determining our final destination surely we can only be judged against criteria we knew about?!
    I wonder what would go through a series of dying folks’ minds if they were to be judged.

    “not that I believe in it but just in case judgement and heaven and hell do exist.. I’ll be alright Jack, I’ve always donated a good proportion of my earnings to charity, after all I can afford it. I wasn’t completely honest on my tax return but what they don’t know won’t hurt them, besides, they’ve got plenty of money – bloody government”

    Is the good enough to outweigh the dishonesty!? What would happen if everyone paid reduced taxes! More pot holes in our roads, more striking, not all children able to go to school as funds couldn’t pay for taxes, one fire engine post per 3 major towns, limited medical care, unable to counter extremism would we have invasion of our country by religious extremists, food prices might skyrocket and our economy skink lower than the Pacific ocean valley leaving us with limted food as richer nations buy our food from under our noses’… As long as I give to charity I’ll pocket the rest for me….is that Robin Hood syndrome?

    “She deserved it, bloody Woman, nagging me for 15, I was bound to flip, ungrateful she was, she needed telling off but I didn’t mean to loose my temper and hit her smack across her shoulder, I’ll never forget the sound of her shoulder and ribs breaking, and the size of the chimney on her cheek….I just lost it, all those years of taking it, i finally snapped…if only I’d dealt with it a better way I deserve to go to hell for what I did………”

    “It’s my life right, to do what I want, nothing wrong borrowing a few expensive gagets from this iron gated mansion, they won’t miss them, besides, they’ve got too much…it’s good to distribute stuff evenly”

    ‘one little lie won’t matter. “Your Father died”, you won’t be seeing him again. We’ll not go to the funeral, it will be too upsetting for you babe”.
    Jerk, he’ll never see his Son again, he don’t deserve to after what he did to me, cheating on me, I hope he rots in hell”.

    Hell for those deemed Sinful, Heaven for those who’ve done right…. this paints a dull and uninspiring picture. After all the fun we have living our lives we get to sit in some clouds or be surrounded by fire…. what was the point of being good for this – I should have just done what I wanted!!!

    Are heaven and hell spiritual states irrespective of where they are?! Having “good” done to us resulting in contentment and happiness and having bad resulting in hell on earth! We are after all vulunerable to how others treat us, vulnerable to the luck of the draw as to what country and to whom we are born too. What does it matter if we are lied to about one of our parents having died. We’ll give up on ever making contact. Does that cause pain and hurt?! We’re answerable to no one right for how we behave! No need to appologise as nothing hurts. Just do what we want right!

    Are you suggesting Charon ferryed the dead back into the paralel spiritual zone!

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