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Dino Dominion: “The Eggs of Hope and The Tyrant of Destruction” Event

by on Dec.03, 2012, under Dinosaurs

This is the second event I have participated in since getting this game, and by no surprise it carries the same frustration as the first event, thereby it being a way to make the strogest players better and everyone else just falls by the way side. Sure you can argue that this is mere jealousy on my part, but not if you take into account that before the game corrupted for me, I was level 57, considering that I am now level 71 with my restarted game, who knows what astronomical levels I could be now. Not that the twat developers at Colopl actually care.  I am stomped on repeatedly by the same players, all of a higher level than myself with their overpowered Super Rare dinosaurs. But I’ll come to these dishonourable pricks later.

The format of this is simple. The two factions in the game Laurasia and Gondwana (go Team Laurasia!) are in combat with each other over Rare Tyrannosaurus eggs. Harvesting these eggs (depending on which region you’re in) will leave you with a cumulative total which you can allow to get bigger for better points reward, or bank them and take the points. This is where the game event completely fails. You see all the mincy virgins out there who get their mum and dad to spend a heap of real money on the game end up with tons of Super Rare dinosaurs. These in turn make you pretty much impossible to beat, although I myself have defeated players with decks containing SR dinos, but this in general is pretty uncommon. I had managed to amass a respectable 286 eggs in one session only to find the lag of the game prohibited me from depositing in time, just as some cunt with an overpowered dino came in a swept all of them from my possession. Not only did I watch the replay to see how shit his deck was, apart from the single overpowered monster, but the deck layout I have got is tactically sound, but cannot compete due to these overpowered twattosaurus rexes who just steal in and defeat the object of working hard. It’s a joke.

But this comes to the crux of my frustration, in the PvP battles in the game, you cannot protect the eggs. With DNA, you can choose to deploy a Fake DNA, so if you do get defeated, or grossly cheated, you can protect them. In this event there is no protection at all. That and it takes at least three button presses to get to the screen from the map to deposit them. A button or a quick way to deposit and the game is fairer. But with any online gaming it’s all about a level playing field. With these cunts and their bought decks there is no level playing field. They will always have the advantage over the standard player such as myself, and considering how much money they expect you to spend, it is totally not worth it. You could buy a decent game for the price. I’ve said in earlier articles that this game is a rip off and I still stand by that comment. So why do I play it? Because it is addictive but I refuse to spend further money on it, and that fact alone makes me unable to properly compete with the top players. I earned a PLATINUM dino cage ticket at the last event, and all I got was a rare. It’s this fact alone that it’s pure chance whether you can become good and competitive at this game which makes it fall over. You’re supposed to occasionally find Super Rare dinos in Gold cages. One up from there is the RARE (black) cage. And even better than that is the PLATINUM cage. Well I got something from the platinum cage that you could get in any mickey mouse cage. So that’s total bullshit.

Anyways, I posted a message on the forum condeming this bullshit way that the cunt players just steal eggs,  when they haven’t earned them, as for me it totally ruins the game. I myself am boycotting attacking other players for eggs, as I do not agree with this elitist bollocks that people are only good players through chance or luck. And since that I have stuck to my guns, I have not attacked another player for eggs, as it ruins the enjoyment from the game.

All other Dino Dominion players I urge you to boycott attacking players for eggs during this tournament as it’s cowardly, unfair and since Colopl are unequivocally incapable of creating a game with a level playing field, will not attack another player for eggs. If you attack me while I am implementing this amnesty, you are officially a CUNT and I will shame you on this website and urge all other players to disassociate you, thus losing your fuel/attack points tally, because you have NO HONOUR and deserve to be on your own. Now I’m sure you’ll run off and tell your mummy and daddy, and I am totally devoid of fucking caring.

The following players have NO HONOUR and should be defriended immediately due to attacking me after I have declared amnesty, and are therefore forever more a dishonorable cunt (notice how they’re all high levels because they bought their decks with real money (Click to view list of dishonorable players).



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  • Emperor

    I totally agree with you I like playing games like this but them stealing your eggs when you use your time finding them and worst of all i only started playing 8 days ago and I am still a little weaker than others so instead i tried exploring for eggs in the easter event and got 360+ eggs taken in one fell swoop I trained my dino enough to kill wild rares and super rares and then finally got enough then suddenly a player leveled higher than me keep attacking me I got 190+ eggs because of the egg rush but suddenly a player specifically – Scalpy(an actual name in the game) – stole from me so I tried to train and train many of my dinos to match those with the same level so I can fend or attack when attacked and also sorry for the long comment just venting out the anger I accumulated this past few days.

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