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Dino Dominion: “Chase The Dinosaur” Event

by on Nov.22, 2012, under Dinosaurs

This is will be the first of the rants about the android game Dino Dominion, made by Colopl Inc., who seem to have created an elaborate and lucrative scam to take advantage of rich morons.

Despite my previous indiscretions regarding this game, I am still playing it. Somehow. It’s piqued my interest enough that I haven’t ditched it for something better yet.

Having taken part in the tournament which passed last week, which totally favoured Americans due to the time zone, thus making keeping competitive here in the UK almost impossible unless you like sleep deprivation, I still managed to come a noble 32nd in the world. Quite a good achievement considering that I was by far the lowest ranked higher up, i.e. everyone else was at least level 60 and above, but I feel I managed to do well through sheer tactics. The higher end players have more fuel, and thus can find the dinosaur required to score well, in this case, the 500 points for defeating a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Up until the end, I was ranked 16th which, as I drifted off into a slumber, thought was enough to get me top 30. Awaking however to find the next morning, I had slipped to 32nd. Foolish of me enough to realise that there’s a plethora of cunty americans who have obviously been playing right up until the end of the event, not like me who had to go to bed because I have work the next day.

The prizes were nothing short of abysmally shite. I still won a single Platinum card which finally I thought, would get me that elusive “Super Rare” dinosaur which everyone but me seems to have. Alas it seems, I got a rare Gallimimus, one of the ones you fought in the previous event. Considering I already had two of the same rare ones, I felt a bit cheated.

Although I’ve always stated that I wouldn’t pay any more money to this game because it’s a giant rip off, I did spend money just to get fuel to take part, because that is the ONLY way you really can stay up there with the leaders of the event. So considering how much money has been spent, to come away with only a rare fucking Gallimimus, is total bullshit. But there are gold tickets, then rare gold tickets, and then PLATINUM ones. Surely on sheer probability, the odds are in my favour to get something better than what I got. Considering that my prize was two tiers of awesome more than something you can pay for, this is the real deal and a merit on your achievement yes? No, this is the way the developers tell you to fuck yourself, and that’s exactly what has happened.

The people who actually put effort, time and parents rich enough to buy a stupid amount fuel tanks for their ungrateful kids to get high up the leaderboard were screwed, and this is evident in the forum for the event, disgruntled people who won Platinum cards yet came away with fuck all. It’s a swindle. And the developer is laughing all the way to the bank. I felt so bad, I felt compelled to offer my sympathies to the winner of the tournament, who like myself, got shafted.

The whole event was a very well disguised scam. Even myself, probably as one of the few adults playing it, were cheated. Colopl Inc have a lot to answer for, yet they created an addictive game, shame they have to take advantage of people’s wallets to do so. Cunts.

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