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GTA V 1.06 Update

by on Nov.20, 2013, under GTAOnline

The Beach Bum pack. Interesting choice for DLC, especially when the DLC is compulsory, but it’s free so I can’t complain too much eh? Well on Xbox 360 it’s comprised of a 64MB patch. So I started an Online mode only to find that it was telling me of an incompatibility with the Beach Bum pack and needed a patch. So what was that 64MB download beforehand? Another 33MB later and the Beach Bum patch was applied. Does this mean that the whole Online mode had another revolutionary patch? Of course it fucking did. But this was not good news. Same as how patch 1.04 decided to half the money received from Missions, this new patch has decided to pretty much annihilate the amount of money and XP you receive from races, the latter making levelling up even harder than it was before. It was enough of a grind of the same missions over and over again but now chopping a significant amount of XP available on something else? Surely this has gone too far.

It seems every time there is an “update” of the game, it enforces a bigger and bigger “fun cap” on the Online mode. I can’t say I’ve ever seen such an aggressively applied update which seems to get worse like a virus mutating in a game before. When it first came out the payouts of the missions were very reasonable, but now it hardly seems worth your while doing them. Placing such stone wall restrictions on the game is choking it and gradually this is making the online mode worse and I don’t see why Rockstar perpetually have to make a good game worse under the banner of “progress”

Update 1.04 was a kick in the balls, and now 1.06 is the following up kick to the face of all the people who do play GTA Online. The mission payouts are so paltry now it hardly seems worth playing online. Sure mucking about in freemode with friends is a whole lot of fun, but trying to progress now is more like wading through treacle.

Surely if realism is the catalyst about driving the game forward, why is the financial reward for missions still so shit? If the fee you got at the end was set, but you had your in-game expenses paid for on top, that would be more fair. For example I’ve literally just completed a job which paid out a measly $5000, however I did use about 16 sticky bombs in order to get out alive. Considering that 16 x $500 for the bombs alone is $8000, that leaves we with a mission payout of -$3000, hardly worth the effort, excluding the $500 I paid for the *two bullets then gone* armoured vest.

If Rockstar must persist in updates which are slowly choking the life out of all the online players, they will lose a large proportion of gamers in droves if they allow this to continue. Its ruining everyone’s favourite game at the moment and I can’t see how they could possibly think that stifling players’ fun is going to keep people coming back to play. Promising online heist missions repeatedly and only delivering restrictions is a totally shit thing to do and is more unequivocal proof that they do not care about their online audience.

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