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How to deal with a griefer in Free Roam

by on Dec.31, 2013, under GTAOnline

You always get them in free mode, some stupid twat who keeps dogging you to keep killing you, especially when you’ve done nothing to them. Well that shit pisses me off, I mean if you wanted to kill people all the time, go in a deathmatch, except they won’t because you can’t attack someone who isn’t trying to kill you all the time.

So anyways there was some wanker called ETP x SwAg (seriously these gamertags are getting worse) who kept trying to kill me. I was distracted as I was actually trying to cook my dinner at the time so I kept trying to run away. Anyways by the time I started to fight back, the coward jumped in a tank, that’s when it was Ghost Division time…

Music: “The Ants Go Marching In” from the Die Hard 3 Soundtrack


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