Synyster Graves

Gaming Glossary

Billy One Move: A billy one move is applied to a player or a NPC who constantly spams you repeatedly with the same move creating annoyance and anger. Commonly found online on games like Street Fighter IV, billy one moves are also found in most fighting games as early as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II and Dynasty Warriors. An example of this is a person who claims to be good at Street Fighter yet will only choose Ryu or Ken and constantly cause you wade through the veritable torrent of blue fireballs as if they have some kind of down, down/forward, forward+punch tourettes. Another tell tale sign of a billy one move is the perpetual blocking/cowering if you manage to get close enough to administer a combo.

Green Beret: A green beret is a term for a NPC character who is freakishly good at picking you off from a country mile away, even with something small like a pistol, slingshot, McDonalds Drinking Straw, etc. Games most commonly found with these are Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, whereby playing as the infected, the computer controlled survivors have the hunting insincts of a predator with rail-gun vision.

Evra: Evra’s appear primarily in first/third person shooting games and are the most annoying of adversaries. Usually popping up out of nowhere in a cheap, underhanded tactics in order to wear you down, particularly prevalent in Resident Evil 5 and the Modern Warfare series. These tiny little buggers are usually just a bit shorter than average, meaning headshots have to be adjusted in order to take them out. An in-game Evra can also be an adversary who plays dead, thus fooling the aggressor and misleading them into a false sense of security, before shooting them in the back once they have perpetrated the ruse .

Camper: A camper is a player mainly in first person shooters (and even in GTA4) who will sit prone on one spawning point for a weapon that is strategically sound enough to remain stationery for the entirety of the deathmatch round. This is usually consistent with players who are either a) callow and crap at games or b) fucking gay.

Unassailable Skeleton Warriors: Unassailable Skeleton Warriors are synonymous with fantasy games and date back as far as the original Golden Axe on the Mega Drive. These are the warriors of the undead which have freakishly high health and a flurry of cheap attacks, coupled with the stealthy manoeuvrability of Neo in the Matrix. All of which lead to mass frustration. And they always sneak up on you and knock you over with one hit of a shield. And they always break you of your combos. I mean seriously, who can withstand a sword’s hilt to the bare jawbone!?

Grinding: Grinding, farming or harvesting is the act of fannying about in the same area of an RPG in order to gain extra experience points for fighting the same monsters for about two hours at a time. This yields the benefits of being horrendously overpowered when reaching a new area of the quest.

Gay-I/I-Fail: Gay-I or an I-Fail is a mispronounciation of AI and it refers to really stupid NPC characters on your team who display signs of being utterly retarded. An example of this in Left 4 Dead, where the fellow computer controlled survivors will watch you get torn to shreds by a special infected and instead of help you, will stand next to you and do nothing. Other examples include the “support” teams sent in during Call of Duty matches and spend more time dying by casually standing in front of chaingun spraying helicopters or dawdling over copious piles of active claymores.

Maxout: A maxout is where you manage to get 1000G out of 1000G on an Xbox Retail game or 200G out of 200G on a XBLA game. Can range from impossible like sticking ranked match achievements which force you to play against an amry of spotty virgins, or stupidly easy like King Kong does, for turning on the console.

White Teeth: White Teeth we believe was supposed to be some kind of insult in Conflict: Denied Ops as half the Eritrean rebels seemed to shout it before unleashing a hail of gunfire in your general direction. Never actually stops being funny, now really used as an online taunt which carries as much of a benign factor as shouting “pwned” over the microphone. While it can be construed as a potentially “racist” remark, I still maintain that this ridiculous outburst carries comedy merit long after every else has finished playing Denied Ops! 

Boomerkazie: Boomerkazie is a technique used specifically with the Left 4 Dead series and involves a player controlling a boomer special infected to ritually jihad the survivors rather than wait for the puke attack to recharge. (nb more effective of L4D2 as the boomer is less of a fat fuck and move slightly faster)

Zombie Boots: Zombie boots occurs when a player gets hit from behind by a flailing zombie and for some stupid reason forward movement seems to become prohibited.