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Double Standards or Double Dutch?

by on Jul.13, 2010, under International Football

This is just a quick follow up point to my previous article on the World Cup final and I ask this question (which funnily has totally been overlooked by the “partial” media), because the only thing people seem to talk about over and over again is Nigel de Jong’s high boot on Xabi Alonso. Fair enough it was a dreadful tackle and it should have warranted a red card arguably. But as previously discussed, I debate the intent to hurt in it and if two players ran into each other normally no one would bat and eyelid. Yes de Jong was stupid enough to stick his leg out and I’m sure a tenuous arguement would be the case that Alonso ran into him. I know no one will agree with that because of the sheer brutality of the challenge. But I ask you this, if you run into someone’s fist at full speed, have they technically punched you in the face?

But I pose this question, if everyone is jumping on the “Holland played dirty bandwagon” then in the match before surely the challenge from Martin Caceres on Demy de Zeeuw was just as bad if not worse! Why? Because he kicked him in the face. That could have shattered cheekbones and his jaw and to be honest he was down for a good 5 minutes and subbed off at half time suffering from mild concussion. Are you trying to tell me that aerially punting someone in the face is less violent than kicking someone in the chest? I’m pretty sure that in the Champions League (or whatever) when John Terry got kicked in the face and swallowed his tongue, without swift and proper medical treatment he would have died. So a bicycle kick to the side and underside of the head would cause concussion at the very least, and yet I haven’t seen a single football analyst pick up on this fact.

Demy de Zeeuw actually had a scan and they suspected a broken jaw from that challenge and was ruled out from playing in the final as a result. Martin Caceres received a yellow card, the same punishment as Nigel de Jong. How can people be up in arms about one challenge, and totally forget about the previous one, which in my opinion was much worse. Did Alan Hansen turn around and call him a disgrace to football? No! They why berate the dutch about that challenge. Yes true Caceres sort of had his eye on the ball and you can’t really question the intent either. But arguably speaking his boot was higher and connected with a much more fragile part of the body, plus it could have been far more serious than what actually was suffered.

If you ask me both challenges were realyl bad and pretty much both could easily have seen red instead of yellow, but for fuck sake would these stupid pundits stop harping on about Nigel de Jong’s kick when Holland had a much worse affliction against them in the previous game. Short memories make fucking shit pundits. Does that make Uruguay a “disgrace to football” Alan Hansen. You twat.

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