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Still petrified of Man Utd…

by on Apr.11, 2012, under Epic FA-ils

After Andy Carroll received such a lambasting about going over too easy against Newcastle, Man Utd showed how to properly dive with Ashley Young putting Tom Daley’s olympic dream in doubt with a spectacular gunshot evading sprawling flip against QPR on Sunday. Ashely Young from an offside position managed to maintain the Man Utd legacy set by Ruud van Nistelrooy, Nani, Dimitar BerbatovĀ and Cristiano Ronaldo for winning penalties by managing to feign mortal injury for colliding into atoms in the air, without any living creature being near them in a 5 metre radius. Shaun Derry, QPR’s midfield captain was subsequently sent off for having the gall to chase a ball which was played to an offside-but-not-flagged-offside Young.

Ashley Young's sprawling tumble is one of the worst attempts at "simulation" I've seen which went unpunished. In fantasy football, this counts as an assist for Rooney's converted penalty! What a total joke.

QPR quite rightly appealed the red card for Derry, which the FA quickly have moved to refute the red card insisting the referee got it right, despite anybody with EYES could see what a blatant dive it was. It is shocking decisions like this which have derailed this whole “respect the ref” campaign, as anybody can clearly see how many contentious decisions go in Man Utd’s favour. And everyone can see this except the gobby oiks who support Man Utd, 87% of them have “a rough idea” where Manchester is since it’s outside the London Green Belt.

But the point is that if this was ANY other club, they would not have got the penalty. Not even the serial bribers of Chelsea. Well Chelsea were on the receiving end of a bullshit Man Utd penalty which got them back into the match.

But why oh why do Man Utd get so much favouritism from the FA. Simple. Alex Ferguson; possibily the world’s biggest cunt. He has the entire football establishment terrified in case he shouts at them, which has essentially given Man Utd so many bullshit penalties and opposition red cards throughout the years, which has translated into success. It certainly won’t be the first time a match has turned on the referee giving Man Utd a way back into a match in which there were being outplayed yet somehow went home with something, and this will continue until Ferguson finally retires. But the sheer fear from the FA towards Man Utd is nothing but contemptable. Anybody who doesn’t support Man Utd, hates Man Utd for this very reason. It’s nothing to do with success. I don’t hate Barcelona, or Inter Milan, or Bayern Munich, mainly because they don’t need the referees help to beat other teams. Man Utd however have had the referees on the payroll, or seemingly so, for the past 15 years.

I have every sympathy for Shaun Derry, he was just trying to play the game of football, which Man Utd were always going to win because the ref decided that at kick off. And they say wrestling is fake.

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