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Referees getting shirty

by on Oct.24, 2011, under Epic FA-ils

After watching the hightlights of last weekend’s action on Match of The Day 2 last night I’d like to raise my confusion as to how wearing a t-shirt is a bookable offence. Firstly Paul Scharner got booked for scoring against Aston Villa for West Brom and displaying his t-shirt underneath, the same offence he was reprimanded for doing when he scored against Wolves last week. Similarly Mario Balotelli got booked for his celebration yesterday by lifting up his shirt to reveal a t-shirt saying “Why Always Me?”.

Possibly this is related to the extensive media coverage that someone set off a firework in his bathroom nearly burning down his house, which of course crap papers like The Sun will pounce on like a tuna steak in a piranha tank. But if you ask me, a t-shirt merely saying “Why Always Me?” is a pretty innocent t-shirt. Is it designed to wind up the Manchester United fans? I don’t see how. All it was, was a statement asking why bad stuff happens to him, not that I have much sympathy for a 21-year old who earns in excess of £150,000 a week. If he burns down his house, that’s his stupidity, but his t-shirt was hardly inappropriate, and hardly was there to incite anger amongst the United fans. I could understand if he had a picture of the Munich air crash, then maybe I could understand the referee’s card coming out.

But he’s just making a statement, just like when Robbie Fowler had a t-shirt supporting the Liverpool dockers, he’s just expressing himself and it’s ludicrous that merely displaying a t-shirt is met with the same punishment as a bad foul. Adebayor’s celebration for Man City against Arsenal was winding up the fans, I don’t see how Balotelli’s t-shirt is even in the same contemplation of reprimand.

Similarly Scharner’s yellow card for celebration was possibly even stupider. How can you book him for having a t0shirt with the West Bromich Albion crest on it underneath? The shirt over the top IS a WEST BROMICH ALBION shirt, so how on earth can having a t-shirt with the crest on deemed a bookable offence, yet the other 10 players on the pitch all have the crest on. It’s totally bullshit that this is deemed a punishable offence. Referees choose to stamp their authority on totally stupid areas of the pitch in this instance a goal celebration, rather than actually running the game properly. Lets not forget that this is the same referee who sent off Chris Herd for, well I have no idea what for! Jonas Olsson fell on his foot, and yet that was a red card and a penalty.

It’s totally inconsistent for me that referees get so many calls wrong, and consistently wrong yet we’re always having that stupid “Respect the ref” campaign thrown about with so much zeal. If they’re going to pull people up stupid meaningless “offences”, then I can’t see how they can expect us fans to not berate them when they’re getting critical stuff wrong, yet choosing to stamp their authority on goal celebrations.

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