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The Kick it Out Campaign has lost all integrity

by on Oct.24, 2012, under Epic FA-ils

“Kick It Out”, is the message echoed around the pen pushing, white collared halls of the FA. It’s sentiment so it seems is one of good intentions. However in reality it’s about as flaccid as an impotence convention. Why? Because of one major flaw in their campaign….INCONSISTENCY. Now for an organisation who allegedly is showing a united front against racism, inconsistency makes the entire sentiment behind the message completely null and void. In the two cases of racism which have got the media jumping at the bit everytime someone even remotely looks at an ethnic minority on a football pitch are the Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra case, and the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand case.

John Terry

Luis Suarez

Charged Offence Charged Offence
  • Charged with calling Anton Ferdinand a “black c*nt” which was reported to police by numerous members of the crowd and uneqivocal evidence seen of this on the video evidence which went viral on the internet. Anyone with eyes could decipher that, unless he was calling him a “flack count”…which makes no sense
  • Charged with calling Patrice Evra a “negrito” despite no one else on the pitch hearing the insult and it was not picked up on any of the 50-odd cameras at the match.
Witnesses/Who heard it? Witnesses/Who heard it?
  • Half of Loftus Road, anyone watching the match on Sky Sports 1 and subsequently anyone with Youtube can see exactly what John Terry is saying, as well as everyone on the pitch except for Ashely Cole apparently
  • Patrice Evra, and apparently Ryan Giggs and Alex Ferguson, who was at least 50 yards away in the dugout, yet mysteriously not Manchester United’s spanish goalkeeper David De Gea or anyone in the crowd
Defence Defence
  • Was merely repeating the phrase “black c*nt” in the sense that he was clearly trying to ascertain that that was what Anton Ferdinand had accused him of calling him. Either he’s hard of hearing, or that defence is about as watertight as a sponge submarine to anyone who has left primary school.
  • “Negrito” actually directly translates to mean “pygmy”, which in itself is not an insult at all, more a satirical inflection on Evra’s diminutive size rather than the colour of his skin. Besides it’s ok for Patrice Evra to run around shouting the n-word, because he’s a “credible witness”. Most importantly, “negrito” is not the same as the n-word, that’s like saying Wayne Bridge is the same as the Clifton suspension bridge.
How the FA dealt with it How the FA dealt with it
  • The FA claimed that Terry’s account was implausible and hideously unlikely, they managed to make the affair drag on the best part of a year, with this case going to court. Despite being cleared of a public order offence, Terry did admit in a court of law that he did use perjorative language, which the FA then charged him with.
  • Chelsea stand by their captain and are applauded for standing by him throughout the turbulent period of investigation, even when Terry is stripped of England captaincy. The FA also applaud Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck for the way this has been handled.


  • In the inquest, the FA only listened to Evra and Alex Ferguson’s side of the story as Suarez doesn’t speak English and thus cannot defend himself appropriately. Since Evra does speak English, the FA deemed him as a more credible witness than Suarez’s “fajita speaking” testimony compared the entire Man Utd squad’s testimony in perfect english.
  • Liverpool are criticised for wearing Suarez t-shirts to support their player, as it was mainly in protest that the FA had dismissed Suarez’s side of the story because he only speaks spanish. The FA constantly criticise Liverpool for having the gall to disagree with Alex Ferguson.


Punishment = 4 match ban

Punishment = 8 match ban

(twice the punishment of John Terry)

Now reading the evidence here which the FA claim they are stamping out racism, you can clearly see that this turn of events is grossly inconsistent. The most damning of all (and frankly ironic) is the FA’s reluctance to listen to Suarez’s side of the story because he did not speak English. Considering they are trying to eradicate racism, discounting someone’s testimony on the grounds that they don’t understand them is not justice at all. Since calling someone a pygmy is deemed worse than calling them a black c*nt for a start is just wrong, but it’s testament to the fact that as an England player (and captain in fact), the punishment is lesser than for a foreign player, despite the offence being much much worse.

The epic irony of the situation is that, is clear as day, is that Luis Suarez got a worse ban because he is foreign, considering that this is an anti-racism case.

But this also ascends to the other level than rather than Terry’s punishment being light, Suarez’s punishment being so heavy, not only because he’s foreign, but because it was against the FA’s Manchester United. Since ManU go around an do what they want, the FA have to protect their favourite team and went above and beyond the call of duty to make an example of Luis Suarez.

But the current events is the protest duing the Kick It Out campaign’s enforcement to wear t-shirts, by the boycott of Jason Roberts and the two Ferdinands, of who I agree with 100%. How can John Terry have a lesser punishment than Luis Suarez? It’s ridiculous and to be honest we live in a society of free speech and I think Rio Ferdinand was right to stand up for himself and not wear the shirt, as the FA’s botched anti-racism campaign cannot continue to fly the “kick it out” symobl, when it doesn’t really carry any weight whatsoever. I’m glad that some of the aforementioned players took a stand, good for them and I am in full agreement of their protest. However, I’m not in agreement of Clarke Carlisle’s suggestion of a footballer’s Black Panthers club for black players only. But I’ll save that rant for another post.

Racism however is present in all society, you’re never going to eradicate it 100%. Lord Ouseley, the head of Kick It Out however is a fucking idiot and nothing is ever going to get resolved with that bureaucratic moron in charge.

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