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More buffoonery from Gordon Taylor

by on Feb.08, 2012, under Epic FA-ils

Gordon Taylor is at it again! This guy just cannot stop making stupid comments in the media! It’s just one thing after the next with this guy! He has to be the only person who was rubbing their hands every time someone uses the “R” word in anything post-match. But it’s not enough to move on to more pressing matters, we have to keep flogging the same dead horse. i am talking of course, about the upcoming fixture at Old Trafford between Liverpool and Manchester United in the league.

While everyone is going to focus on the potential meeting between Luis Suarez and the Pygmy Who Cried Wolf, Gordon Taylor has called for a handshake between the two to draw a line under the matter.

He told Sky Sports:

“I would hope that would take place, that would be a sign that having gone through the situation that those two players would shake hands and we can move on.”

Gordon Taylor is now suggesting the same ideas as Sepp Blatter's insane dribblings. Surely now people will see that Taylor has lost the plot

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t everyone’s least favourite madcap Sepp Blatter suggest that everything was settled with a handshake? You know, that madman who runs FIFA?

I mean even myself panned that Swiss lunatic heavily for suggesting the racial exchanges are resolved with a handshake. And this caused widespread, global in fact, calls for Blatter to resign as his comments were deemed ridiculous and heinously short sighted. But now Gordon Taylor has come out and essentially said exactly the same thing. Does anyone else see the almost carbon copy nature of this ludicrous statement? Everyone always discredits every Blatter says, usually for good reason, but his comments towards the resolution of anything racist to resolved by a handshake was met with nothing but animosity. Taylor’s comments are identical, but it would interesting to see if everyone else picks up on the fact that he’s made the same faux pas as Blatter.

To revisit a point I made in an earlier post I wrote, Taylor seems to have totally surfaced out of nowhere with all these frequent allegations of racism flying around spontaneously. While it is morally disgraceful to gain bonus attention by riding the coattails of the midst of an extremely sensitive situation, Taylor’s misplaced statements have just made him perpetually look like a fool. Firstly he’s taking the moral high ground indiscriminately against whole legions of fans, now he’s recycling ideas from even more misguided idiots like Sepp Blatter!

I do agree that I hope this whole situation has a line drawn underneath it so everyone can move on, but a handshake suggesting a resolution from a bungled investigation resulting in a Draconian punishment for an unsubstantiated allegation is certainly not going to be concluded by a handshake, Seriously Gordon Taylor, do everyone a favour and just shut up, or stop drinking in the afternoon, I can’t tell the difference any more.

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