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The FA found Mr. Evra to be a very convincing witness

by on Feb.03, 2012, under Epic FA-ils

I can’t take credit for this because I didn’t write it, however it is very funny…probably because it’s how the FA operate!

The FA today award the FA Cup tie to Manchester United after accepting Patrice Evra’s claim that his team in fact scored 6 times. Despite 5 of the goals not being caught by any of the players, the crowd, or the TV cameras, the FA found Mr. Evra to be a very convincing witness. On other hand, ‘we found Mr. Reina’s testimony to be totally unreliable. He admitted conceding one goal but was unable to come up with any evidence at all of saving any of the other 5. Since, Mr. Reina could not prove he saved 5 goals, we concluded that they must have been scored’. The referee said that he didn’t recall 6 goals being scored but couldn’t be sure as he threw his notes away after the game.

Responding to comments that Mr. Evra had at very times after the game claimed his team had scored 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 goals, the panel found that Mr. Evra, not being a native speaker of English, had confused these numbers and thought they all meant 6.

Liverpool FC have been urged not to appeal by fair play campaigners saying that Manchester United won fair and square and the team should not condone cheating.

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