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Funny how Wenger saw that one…

by on Mar.13, 2012, under Domestic Football

Arsene Wenger has spouted out some more of his classic selective viewing by out of the blue starting to accuse Luis Suarez of diving in last month’s match. Serial whinger and occasionally short sighted Wenger came out and said:

“For example, Suarez got the penalty last week. It was no penalty. Nobody touched him.

“Where they go overboard is that nobody touched him. I can understand if they push the ball too far, but when no one touches him…

“Then when they roll down the sock, take the shin pad out like he has been kicked like mad. It is a bit overboard. We don’t need that.”

Having seen the replays I concur that it was a soft penalty but Wenger is very quick to criticise other players without ever seeing his players do EXACTLY the same thing. Theo Walcott goes down if someone digests a biscuit within five feet of him (and he certainly didn’t do this as a Southampton youngster, so obviously Wenger has taught him well) as well as some of the other dodgy decisions which go in favour of Arsenal yet Wenger always “doesn’t see it”.

Francis Jeffers: cheat

Well what I saw (and a whole load of people in the pub where I was watching it, including the Bear) saw that on a cold December in 2002, one of the worst dives in football history was committed, by Arsenal’s Francis Jeffers against Liverpool. What makes it so bad is that he goes past John Arne Riise and literally goes flying. The amount of contact from Riise was a staccatoed thumb print at best but Jeffers went down like he was under fire from a Barrett .50 cal. As usual Wenger “didn’t see it”, Gerard Houllier was up in arms and started a campaign against Jeffers’ persistent diving as anyone with eyes could see how much of a meal he made of it, way more than Suarez. Plus it wasn’t the first time Jeffers has been accused of cheating, as his record for conning the ref and generally being a right tool isn’t finite to that one match.

Wenger was suspiciously quiet about that incident, yet chooses to question Suarez, since every man and his dog are trying to get on Suarez’s case since it’s still flavour of the month since Patrice Evra’s elaborate “racism” rouse.

True it was about 10 years ago, but I never forgot Francis Jeffers’ inauguration into the hall of aviation that day. I’m sure Bear remembers it as vividly as I do.

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