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Open Letter Addressed to Portsmouth’s Players

by on Jul.26, 2012, under Domestic Football

Portsmouth’s supporters have now started harrassing their own players to tell them to defer their wages, which are already in arrears by now delivering them letters to the training ground in Eastleigh. While it should not have come to this as the club should have been shut down months ago, and how ultimately people from Portsmouth can read AND write (completely bucking the correlation between inbreeding and literacy) I too would like to present my open letter to Tal Ben Haim, who is allegedly owed about £3million in unpaid wages.

Dear Tal Ben Haim/Dave Kitson/Nwankwo Kanu,

How are you gentlemen?

I am writing to you as an impartial Liverpool supporter to tell you that despite the perpetual harrassment from your own so-called fans, that sticking to your guns is a good thing. They are expecting you to not get paid, despite the club agreeing with you, on paper and legally, your entitled wage. If I were witheld payment from my company, I too would want the necessary severence pay to sufficiently renumerate me accordingly. Portsmouth Football Club expecting you to turn up as per their legal contract of employment and not supply your basic wage leaves them in breach of contract and any company up and down the UK would be reprimanded accordingly.

In the case of Mr Ben Haim, as per your contract, you are entitled to the £36,000 per-week wage as stated in black and white which was signed by yourself and the clubs representatives, of which now they are trying to negate their legal obligation to renumerate you for your services and I vehemently disagree with that. Why should you do anything for free? Certainly not for a club who lied about how much they were going to pay you, and then refuse to release your earnings? That’s just illegal.

Portsmouth Football Club deserve nothing more than to vanish from existence due to being the most overachieving team who bought an F.A. Cup, yet when had to pay the bill, decided to make us the taxpayer do so by going into Administration. Portsmouth have continued to drag the whole football pyramid in England down and down with their persistent breaking of financial rules and now you gentlemen have the opportunity to hammer the final nail in the coffin. Think of it as compassionate leave. It’s time for Pompey to go. No fanfare, no raucous applause, just sneak them out the back door, never to be seen again.

The worst football team to have ever played in the Premier League need to go, for football in England to survive, so please Dave Kitson, Tal Ben Haim and Kanu, you have the opportunity to put things right, and help create history by being the martyrs who slayed the biggest cancer to a football league. The only club who think it’s acceptable to not pay their players yet expect them to play their hearts out need to go, now. All these sob stories from groups like SOS Portsmouth are merely masking the fact that they have breached their legal and binding obligations to you time after time, and hope that everyone can forget it upon it being glazed over by a seemingly sad story. The Pompey Chimes now sound a death knell, don’t let their crimes go unpunished, the rest of us football fans will respect you. And for fuck sake don’t even bother listening to Harry Redknapp, the guy is the biggest criminal in football, and apparently he can’t even read or write.

So Dave Kitson, Tal Ben Haim, and Kanu, for the integrity of football as we know it in England, please stand your ground, and help eradicate Portsmouth Football Club from the football league for good. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

SynRaptor – on behalf of all the football supporters in the United Kingdom who don’t have parents who are related


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  • The Bear

    SOS Portsmouth – ‘Save our Squid’? ‘Screwed our Supper’ (name of the local fish and chip shop)?

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