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Joey Barton needs to get signal

by on Apr.08, 2011, under Domestic Football

While we’re on the subject of over verbal idiots in the week when Wayne Rooney’s fat gob got him in trouble, the one person who possibly is more odious that that potato headed nork has to be the Premiership’s best paid criminal Joey Barton.

“Honestly, I think I’m the best [English midfielder], Luka Modric and Samir Nasri are very good, but in terms of English players… well, Jack Wilshere isn’t bad, but Frank Lampard’s on the way down and Steven Gerrard’s been injured a lot.”

Another well timed tackle on Etuhu from "England's best midfielder"

Now playing for England isn’t necessarily about you skills on the pitch at the time, it’s also about fitting into whatever system the manager wants to play. Throughout the mid-90s, Matthew Le Tissier only managed 8 England caps yet was overlooked too, but did you see him come out and slag off the players who did make the cut? No. So why the hell does Barton think he’s owed a place in the England side? True he has had a good season, in relative terms. But the way he’s blown his own trumpet here is nothing short of ridiculous. If he’s as good as he says he is, would have still been in the first team if he never left Manchester City? I wager not. Openly criticising Lampard, Gerrard and Barry, who play for Chelsea, Liverpool and City respectively, I severely doubt he would have a regular starting berth in any of them. Maybe Arsenal…if he was a goalkeeper (that was joke if you couldn’t tell).

But here’s my point, Barton here is showing a gross lack of integrity by thinking he can swan into the England team as if he has some divine right to do so and acting like a petulant child by slagging off other players will only earn him contempt. Unless of course you’re a Newcastle United fan. Oh yes, even the usually affable Geordie fans, who I personally find very entertaining, sometimes come out with some utter bullshit:

oopspedro says April 8, 2011 10:57am

“…Joey is Spot on with what he says, anyone who says otherwise is thick. I for one pay good money to watch England play and quite frankly they are embarrassing(can any English Fan say they have been good). They flop at the world cup they dont make euros, use your head people. Joey and Nolan for Enland..”

So a nice unbiased opinion here from someone with as much grasp of English grammar as wooden teaspoon. Seeing that I completely disagree with what Barton has said and the way he has gone about it, does that make me thick? Quite the contrary. I think Barton has the potential to be a good midfielder, but his attitude is nothing short of disruptive. He’s an arrogant git for saying what he did and I hope he never plays for Enland (lol) again on principle. Plus yes Nolan has played much better this season for a start.

But of course seeing that these idiots are claiming he’s been the best English midfielder this season, I beg to differ seeing that Scott Parker has singlehandedly almost dragged West Ham out the relegation zone on hard work. Yet he doesn’t feel the need for running his mouth.

Oh yeah and while we’re on the subject of this season, here’s the other reason I do not want to see Barton in an England shirt:


 You want to see a thug represent England? What a disgrace.

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