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Flamini’s Awful Challenge and Gattuso’s Chokeslam

by on Feb.16, 2011, under Domestic Football

Having just watched the “tackle” by Mathieu Flamini on Vedran Corluka I have to say I am disgusted. I’ve watched the incident about five times now and it’s one of the most dangerous and senseless tackles I think I’ve ever seen. The fact that the referee only booked him is a bloody joke, which basically acknowledges the fact that he saw it and deemed it as bad as taking your shirt off or jumping into the crowd. But here lies the problem, because the referee has booked him, it won’t be resolved by FIFA because they can argue that the matter has been dealt with. But I ask, what would have warranted a red card? Smacking him in the face with the substitutes bench? Causing an aneurysm by assaulting him with a football boot? Strangling him? We know in FIFA’s eyes a Nigel de Jong style flying kick is only a yellow card too.

This no matter how you look at it is wrong. But let me pose this to you. If it was an English team who did such an infringement, I guarantee that FIFA would come down on them like a ton of bricks. If it was a Tottenham player who did a tackle and not get sent off for it, I pretty much guarantee that FIFA would ban him from playing in Europe for the rest of the season.

"I've had better players at Portsmouth than you, you bearded c**t!"

But last night’s game had more than the disgraceful tackle by Flamini, it also had that loose cannon of hair that is Gennaro Gattuso. This guy has a track record of being a mouthy twat and last night he didn’t disappoint. He got in an argument with Joe Jordan on the touchline, went eyeball to eyeball with him and then shoved him in the throat. Firstly, that is a straight red card. No doubt about it. You cannot raise your hands in professional football and get away with it. Secondly, Joe Jordan isn’t even on the field of play! He’s a coach in the dugout. So Gattuso has assaulted someone not even on the pitch. But it’s not just that, after the game he came running over and nutted him. I don’t care if the game is over, you can round headbutting people! In the street, that’s called assault. With the exception of Zinedine Zidane, nutting someone isn’t funny.

Gattuso’s agent has tried to justify his reaction (if indeed you can justify a head butt) and Gattuso claims that Jordan called him a:

“fucking Italian bastard”.

Seriously grow up. You are a professional footballer, you just walk away. I agree that Joe Jordan is a bit of a dick but as an over paid role model you have to walk away. Head butting someone however is kind of the adverse reaction to what you should do. Besides, there are a lot worse things to be called. I’d imagine the only thing Jordan could have said to Gattuso to justify such a reaction would be if Jordan said he “had better players when he was at Portsmouth“.

I was reading up about this story on SkySports website and found out that an AC Milan fan posted on the forum saying:

Flamini’s tackle was on the ball, he had no bad intentions. If you look at the reply again you’ll see he never touched Corluka’s foot, the ball did. Still its not a correct tackle because he used both feet, but a yellow card was appropriate.

Hang on, a two footed lunge on a ball going out of play with the sole intention to wipe out the player is justified? The fact that Flamini was crowd appealing immediately after doesn’t require a body language expert to say that he was trying to crock Corluka and then get the crowd behind him. What a disgrace to football. But in regards to the above comment, I though Man Utd fans talk shit! Even they probably wouldn’t try and defend one of their players for a tackle like that! Alex Ferguson would, but then again he can say what he wants and if that was Wenger, he probably “wouldn’t have seen it“.

It’s quite sad that this was brought on because Tottenham actually beat AC Milan 1-0. Just watch as FIFA do precisely nothing about Flamini’s incident because there is no way they will dare to try and take on one of their favoured clubs, instead they’ll argue that since a card was shown they cannot take retrospective action. I hope Gattuso gets a lengthy ban, it’s what he deserves. It’s just like Manchester United with the English FA, they can do and say what they want knowing full well nothing will ever be brought against them.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see Gattuso chokeslam Joe Jordan, but this is the Champions League, not Monday Night RAW!

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