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If Evra shouts the “N-word” in public, does that make him a hypocrite?

by on Jan.07, 2012, under Domestic Football

Here we all are seeing Suarez’s name being dragged through the mud and anybody with any affiliation to Liverpool being branded a racist. So is it the complete pinnacle of hypocrisy when you see the so called aggrieved party shout it themselves? So not only is referring to somebody’s sister’s “concha” (lady parts) acceptable, but if you pull the race card, surely means that you yourself are offended by the word “n*gger”? I don’t fully accept all this prerogative stuff, especially when Evra has whinged so much about this subject, does he go shouting it public. This for me is double standards.

So “negrito” is unacceptable, but “n*gger” is?

If you haven’t lost all respect for Evra by now, you should do now.

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