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Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom!

by on May.01, 2012, under Domestic Football

In the wake of Manchester United’s capitulation at the Etihad stadium last night, I find Alex Ferguson’s post match comments to up there with some of the ironically ridiculous statements I think I have ever read.

Ferguson is quoted as saying:

“He (Mancini) was badgering the referee the whole game, the fourth official and the linesman, and the minute I go out there…

“He was complaining about referees all week, he can’t be complaining tonight, that’s for sure.”

I mean talk about hypocrisy! A Manchester United player would be a horrendous hypocrite for accusing someone of trying to influence the referee but for Ferguson himself to say it?!  I’m sorry I find that too rich to accept, It’s just more sour grapes from old BaconFace as we’ve come to expect.. If you want someone badgering the referee last night then look no further than Wayne Rooney. He played a very tactical game, playing on the shoulder of the referee for 90 minutes and swearing and gobbing off every single time play was stopped. But as far as Ferguson was concerned I think he can have no complaints whatsoever. If we’re keeping it just to tonights game then Yaya Toure’s yellow card for running past Nani compared to Evra’s flying forearm smash which didn’t have a yellow card. I’m surprised that Phil Jones and Michael Carrick stayed on the pitch as the majority of their tackles were ECW standard. But then again this is what we call Man Utd refereeing. Referees are so scared of that they wouldn’t dare book one of his players. So yes I suppose Ferguson doesn’t have to badger the ref, they’re already afraid of him and in his pocket, which would explain where the 5 minutes of injury time came from even there were no injuries.

But lets look on the grander scale of Ferguson accusing Mancini of influencing the referee. Manchester Unity have been poor this season, hardly looked impressive and yet are somehow still near the top of the table. Why? Because they get a truckload of dodgy decisions. But unfortunately society has also come accept Manchester United’s persistent ability to get given so many dodgy decisions which get them undeserved points all season that it’s actually more than just a parody now. Penalties are usually the contentious decision which Man Utd usually get gifted by the referees association, casing point being this season alone Ashley Young’s unbelievable dives against QPR and Aston Villa, as well as Howard Webb’s man of the match performance against Chelsea for starters.

So for Ferguson to accuse another manager of influencing the referees? It goes a little beyond hypocritical, but then again Ferguson can say what he wants, the FA are also in his pocket. I don’t understand how you can respect a man who’s success has come solely from intimidating officials to grind out results, instead of playing a good style of football fairly. If any other manager had the referees on their side as Alex Ferguson, then they would be as much if not more successful than him, so for him to accuse Mancini of influencing the referee? Well that’s on par with Saddam Hussein calling someone a murderer, or Dizzie Rascal calling someone a crap musician. Alex Ferguson, you’re a fucking hypocrite. Get signal.


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