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All Your Skates Are Belong To Us (Part 10)

by on Aug.20, 2012, under Domestic Football

The worst run and football team in the history of sport, somehow have evaded their own deadline. Even when the administrators impose a deadline, they still can’t stick to it. Who is running the show here? Trevor Birch from Administrators PKF can’t keep flogging this dead horse can he? He’s been scaremongering throughout this whole process, almost immunising us football fans’ ears with the word “liquidation” but considering that they have been in administration for SIX MONTHS now, surely the inevitable is going to happen and Pompey will fuck off for good. Because quite frankly this stupid soap opera of gross incomptence has gone beyond a joke now. No other team in administration has gone about it’s business making as much irritating noise while kicking and screaming as much as hapless Portsmouth. And enough is enough now. Glasgow Rangers did it the right way, and they are(were) a successful club who unfortunately hit the wall. Portsmouth basically bought the FA Cup for one season with loaned money they just had never had any intention on paying back.

The Pompey fans “hate campaign” that caused the players to bottle it

Anti-Semitism on twitter…hardly the foundation for a good fanbase. Owned by criminals, supported by criminals, in unequivocally Britain’s shittest city. On the 10th August it was scheduled for Portsmouth Football Club to begin the proceedings of being liquidated. They somehow managed to breach further contracts to their players like Tal Ben Haim, Dave Kitson, Liam Lawrence to name a few, by convincing them to walk away without being paid, something which surely according to basic employment law is just illegal. This, compounded with the multitude of anti-semitic comments towards Ben Haim, who if you ask me is perfectly entitled to want to get paid since it was the club who offered him terms of £36,000 with bonuses then completely failed to deliver the basic wage demands, I would say that is criminal. On the 8th of August, Ben Haim had left. To say peer pressure was a factor is an understatement. Personally I was disgusted by the anti-Jewish chants and threats towards Ben Haim, personally if I was him I would have purposely caused Portsmouth’s closure out of sheer justice, but as a conclusion, he bottled it, as did Kitson. They had a chance to purge the blight of English football, but caved in and agreed for Portsmouth FC to fail to fulfill the obligations of their contract, and left for nothing. Any company in the world would get nailed for that, but not Portsmouth, because they’re obviously the exception to the fucking rule.

Still that’s no excuse for all the Jew hating and general anti-Semitism from the Portsmouth fans, that’s just not on. I hear from Pompey fans (once I’ve transcribed their toothless ramblings) that they have the best fans in the country. They certainly have the most racist fans in the country, I wouldn’t classify that as the best…

And then a ray of light happened… Balram Chanrai’s company Portpin pulled out of the takeover. Chanrai released a statement on the 14th August with a laundry list of complaints including:

“At this moment in time, we feel that: 

  • the negative criticism and lack of support for our takeover by the fans of this club.
  • the fact that all the money from the parachute payment which were supposed to carry the club for the next two seasons was spent and committed by the administrator on players’ compromises and fees : total £12million.
  • the fact that the supporters’ trust which we met and we voiced our support for their takeover bid could not raise the funds to satisfy the administrator or the Football League and the loan that was promised them by the council had unrealistic terms.
  • and finally the last straw yesterday afternoon the manager told the press before the season starts that he is sure of another relegation. ”

To be honest, that’s not even half the issues. But you cannot deny that the club, which has been in administration for 6 months, yes you read that, SIX MONTHS, can be allowed to continue. The Football League have continually allowed the club to trade while insolvent, which I’m pretty sure is against the law, but again how many other businesses would be allowed to be in this situation for this long? The Football League have FAILED the rest of the football fans in this country by not turfing this horrendous club out of the league. They had all summer to do so, and their procrastinations will now ruin this whole campaign by having this joke of a club be allowed to compete. I’ve been so excited by this news as finally they appear to have run out of lives, no matter how much the Football League manipulate their own rules. Right? 

Maths Fail

It’s bad enough that the other interested party have taken 20% of their bid with TAXPAYERS money. Yes your and my money paid in taxes has been “loaned” to the Portsmouth Supporters Trust to buy. Clearly the lack of education in Portsmouth shines through here as £4m + £2.75m does not equal the £17m which Chanrai is after, let alone the £58m in debts.  It’s not even close! If someone came in at the asking price of £75m, then maybe you’d have a punt, but who is going to pay that much money for a shit club with racist fans, and -10 pts deduction? This disgusting football club has bankrupted so many local businesses (great “family” club huh? Now many families can only eat Aldi Baked Beans for dinner because of Portsmouth) and hundreds of people have lost their jobs because of Portsmouth. Makes me sick that in a recession, this club can drag down so many people with it.

So the where’s the money gone? Answer, they’ve pissed it all away on ridiculous transfers and wages which they never had any intention of sustaining once they failed to make an immediate return to the Premier League, but to construct your entire business model on funds which you’ll try and win? That’s completely ridiculous. You cannot base future projection of funds on something which may not happen. It’s like not bothering applying for jobs because you’re banking on winning the lottery. It’s just plain stupid. Compared to the team of hapless volunteers who took to the field on Tuesday against Plymouth in the Capital One Cup, a completely changed lineup was against Bournemouth on Saturday as apparently they signed 10 players on the 16th August. WITH WHAT FUCKING MONEY??? How can you have no money, yet sign 10 players? The lack of maths astounds me. AND who the fuck is going to want to a play for a club which is in more debt than Liberia? There’s no guarantee they will get paid, but they must have signed a contract right? Which this club has a massive track record of not honouring contracts or paying players. Utter disgrace. How can the Football League allow this? And where is the minus ten points they were supposed to have? Apparently that will be awarded once they come out of administration, well look, they have been in administration for over half a year. But fundamentally, how can you sign players when you have no money to trade with? That’s called laundering in business is it not? It was my understanding that clubs in administration had a transfer embargo, like Crystal Palace had not that long ago, but again this seems to not have been enforced at all.

Portsmouth are cheats. Plain and simple. And they cheat every single person in this country who enjoys football. Every point they get in a league, is a slap in the face to each every single one of you. This club is a joke.

I want them out the league, as the sheer reminder of their existence makes me sick, but it’s also a crystal clear reminder that the footballing authorities in this country have no idea what they’re doing. The only hope for justice is to watch them plummet through the divisions, because this record breaking tenure in administration with no money has gone on way too long. Throw them out the league. Criminal club, criminal fans, should never have been allowed to participate in this years league. Where is the democracy in this country? Scotland let the clubs vote, in England we just get told what to do and how to like it. Makes me sick. Fuck off Pompey, Pompey fuck off.

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