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All Your Skates Are Belong To Us (Part 7)

by on Mar.08, 2012, under Footie Rants

Yesterday they were teetering on the edge of oblivion, today the F.A. have changed their rules once again to suit a club who are not deserving of second, third or even fourth chances. Well the F.A. have provided funds for Portsmouth to stave off liquidation.

Here’s an excerpt of an article I found on Sky Sports:

Administrator Trevor Birch revealed on Wednesday evening that the Football League had agreed to release a total of £800,000 to the South Coast side, in four payments of £200,000, which should stave off the immediate threat of closure.

Birch said: “I am pleased to confirm that there have been some positive developments at Portsmouth Football Club over the last few days. I have held constructive talks with The Football League, who have been incredibly supportive

“This money will go a long way towards plugging the club’s financial gap and allowing us to complete the season.

Now I got flamed for sarcastically saying in a football forum that the F.A. have granted Portsmouth clemency, only for some c*nt needing to google the definition just to troll me and “educate” me in what clemency means. Ignoring the fact that he’s probably a 30 year old virgin with substantial shares in Kleenex I am actually being serious now when the F.A. are clearly turning a blind eye to Portsmouth’s misgivings and being totally impotent with their punishments again.

What I want to know is why are they helping Portsmouth when they let other clubs close into oblivion like Chester City and Aldershot Town? I’m asking the same question again , why are they helping Portsmouth out so much? There seems to be something ethically wrong with just giving money to a club because they made a hash of their own finances? If I bankrupted myself, would the government just turn around and give me money? No they wouldn’t. What about major companies like Woolworths? When they hit financial difficulty were they just given money? No they weren’t. Portsmouth Football Club in essence is a company, so I cannot see how the F.A. can justify giving them £200,000 a month pocket money. I’ve known people who have had their business go into adminstration and subsequently liquidation, and I didn’t see any mercy from the creditors for their situation so I am completely astounded as to how they haven’t been shut down now.

Portsmouth got themselves in this mess all by themselves, and should not be allowed to get off the hook so to say because being liquidated will make the Championship table wonky. The inflexibility of the F.A. is a total disgrace and Portsmouth should have been thrown out long ago rather than afflict this debacle on the Championship. It’s time they went, no matter how much the Football League want to break their own rules to protect them.

Adrian Durham on TalkSport said “Portsmouth have CHEATED their way to every point this season” and agrees with me that they should be thrown out of the league. At least I am not the only dissenting voice here and I am calling for everyone to wake up and smell the coffee, and stop feeling sorry for the biggest cheats to have graced the football leagues.

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  • Phil

    Which is so weird, because 99% of the discussion about football comes in the form of people second-guessing and talking about what they would have done differently or what went wrong.How would this hurt the league? People would stop watching or something? Such a bizarre thought process.

  • Graves

    It has afflicted the league for months upon months of an essentially insolvent club getting given special treatment repeatedly to get them out of trouble. There’s no second guessing, it’s the stone cold FACT that if one does not pay their taxes, they have proceedings against them and they essentially have to start from scratch. Here with Portsmouth we have seen the opposite in place, the FA and Football League taking liberties to ensure their survival despite their negligence and frankly ambivalent attitude towards the HMRC. Go on Phil, refuse to pay your income and council tax and see what happens. My guess would be you would be pretty fucked up by the authorities. Nothing bizarre about that thought process, it’s called breaking the law.

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