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All Your Skates Are Belong To Us (Part 5)

by on Feb.17, 2012, under Footie Rants

After a typical furore and slapstick we come to expect of F.A. mismanagement, a whole 79 days has passed since their parent company went bankrupt.

This has led to a laundry list of excuses, time wasting and even the MP for Portsmouth appealing for the Prime Minister to waste our tax dollars on a failing football club, even mentioning it in parliament is a waste of tax payer’s money, thus causing a cataclysm of ridiculousness involving:

  • Parent Company CSI bankrupted on 30th November 2011
  • HMRC Winding Up Order issued 24th January
  • Failure to fulfill the agreements of the CVA (Company Volutary Agreement) which brought them out of the last administration term – debts of an estimated £50million
  • Assets frozen by the bank as a result of the winding up order
  • Failure to pay players on 30th January
  • Failure to pay electricity/gas bill for stadium

All this happened before and only now the F.A. have acted and issued a -10 points deduction? Why the extra time compared to other clubs which got hit by immediate points deductions, such as Leeds, Bournemouth, Darlington, Chester City, Crystal Palace and Stockport, to name a few.

Worst of all the situation which happened to local rivals Southampton, when the F.A. decided to wait to see if they were going to be relegated before decided to issue the points deduction. That post-season -10 stopped Southampton getting promoted the next season, so why treat one club differently from another? Surely they are all applicable to the same rule? This is rough justice from the perspective of a Southampton fan because the F.A. were making up rules the whole time with their administration yet when an identical situation occurs at their rivals, identical action is not taken.

Portsmouth have repeatedly drilled themselves into this situation and I can’t possibly fathom how a) the F.A. have not taken action sooner, or b) done something about it to make sure this perpetual motion of embarrassment for the English league is maintained. We all know that when Portsmouth went into administration in the Premier League the F.A. procrastinated because they didn’t want to see a Premier club have a points deduction.

So this brings me back to the same point I’ve made in about four other posts, why have the F.A. granted Portsmouth so much clemency from punishment? I don’t understand why they’ve chosen to protect them so much, especially when any other club would have had the book thrown at them. Not only that but Portsmouth have the most abusive and disgusting fans which make even Millwall fans look like an evangelical choir in St. Tropez. Further more there’s talk that they received a Premier League parachute payment early to help ease the financial strains.

If justice is to be served then Portsmouth have to be thrown out of the league and remain a blot on the history of the English leagues. Never before has a team been so belligerent with its handling of it’s finances, so much so that it thinks that it doesn’t have to pay its taxes. As a taxpayer, if I don’t pay my taxes, I go to jail for tax evasion, and frankly disgraced as a result. Portsmouth have dodged too many bullets now and it’s time that they were punished properly and liquidated post haste. This is not a governmental matter so David Cameron should butt out and concentrate on bringing the country back to financial equilibrium and the F.A. should actually do some proper work instead of mishandling fabled racism allegations in their kangaroo court.

The time for action is now, Portsmouth Football Club should be shut down immediately and made an example of. The F.A. were very quick to “make an example” of Luis Suarez despite an alarming lack of evidence, so they should practice what they preach and remove Portsmouth from the football league. Otherwise they would only be contradicting their own “example” by allowing Portsmouth to continue to pollute our football league. There is talk of Portsmouth receiving a 20 point deduction, but sadly it’s still not enough for what they have done.

The club has been passed like a relay baton between criminal to criminal, and while that seems to correlate with the unscrupulous and disgraceful fan support they have, it is time to remove this malignant tumour of a club from the football league forever. If you disagree with me, then please feel free to comment below.

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