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All Your Skates Are Belong To Us (Part 4)

by on Jan.24, 2012, under Footie Rants

Breaking news time, today Portsmouth Football Club has been issued with a winding up petition from HMRC. This comes as a consequence for neglecting two tax bills of £800K meaning they owe the taxman £1.6million. Their parent company which owned the club had gone into administration last November too.

Just in case if you haven’t kept up with what’s been happening here’s the break down:

  • The company which owned them has been bankrupted – meaning they have no money. Zilch. Zip Nada.
  • They have an administrator in to look for new owners – implying that they have no governing hierarchy which can pay wages, etc
  • They have a transfer embargo meaning that they cannot bring in any players until their ownership is resolved
  • They have a WINDING UP ORDER from HMRC – meaning they, as a business, have failed to pay their tax for over two months. Any other company would have the book thrown at them.

These four points alone are enough for the FA to get off their arse and kick them out of the league. Is it not? I’m aware that they would rather sit around a table discussing if Balotelli stood on Scott Parker’s face since Howard Webb cannot referee a match properly, but surely this affects the very fabric of football today, having a club break the rules repeatedly. Why am I having a pop at the FA you may ask? This is why:

Wind them up. You honestly want to see this pillock at your football stadium's away end?

They have not deducted any points from Portsmouth despite going into administration in November, and now have a winding up petition for £1,600,000.

If the FA cannot enforce the rules they have created, then what is the point having rules? I don’t need to reiterate how stupid the FA treated Southampton when their parent company went bankrupt yet the justice dished out by the FA was swift and merciless. This apparent leniency on Portsmouth makes the FA’s administration a total joke (again) and look at how they have treated Chester City in the past, and now Darlington. All had huge points deductions, yet the FA have some ridiculous bias towards Portsmouth which frankly spits in the face of every football supporter in this country.

To buy Portsmouth apparently you require £12million in proof of funds, and £20million for repayments to previous owners, totalling £32million, ironically less that one Andy Carroll. Why anyone would want to buy a club with 16 players and fanatical support of foul mouthed racists is anyone’s guess, but for all I know, it would benefit the English game if they were thrown out of the league for good and rid us of their constant embarrassment to the English game.

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