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All Your Skates Are Belong To Us (Part 3)

by on Dec.22, 2011, under Footie Rants

Recently in the news we have seen further evidence that the FA do not have a clue what they’re doing, in fact they’re administration of Cloud Cuckoo Land and their apparent condoning of the trafficking of unicorns, jabberwockies and nine headed hydras raises a few eyebrows.

Yes I’m being facecious here, but when you have the governing body with combined intelligence of a Muller Rice, what do you expect. Plus when they have a spokesperson in the form of Preston North End’s Clarke Carlisle, who won Britain’s Brainiest Footballer in 2002, yet mysteriously incapable of using the internet to find a foreign word on a multitude of websites which all indicate that just because a word begins with “NEG”, does not make it racist slur. Otherwise Net Energy Gain and the National Express Group will be counted in the same breath as the Ku Klux Klan.

Vladimir Antonov's CSI (lol) holding company bankrupted...yet no points deduction for Portsmouth

No my rant today is about inconsistency, of which the FA possesses more than Vanessa Feltz has cakes. Cast your mind back to April 2009. Need a clue? The holding company who owned Southampton Football Club went into administration. The club itself were not themselves in administration but the FA moved swifter than a greyhound after a rabbit to dock them 10 points, ensuring their relegation to League One. I say that in premise, because in actuality, they deducted the points the following season when the team were getting relegated anyway, another inconsistency to how they treated Leeds United a couple of seasons before. Thus the 09/10 campaign the Saints started with -10 points.

But this is where there is even more inconsistency, because just 14 miles down the road on 29th November 2011, the holding company of Portsmouth FC went into administration. Seeing that this is pretty much a carbon copy situation to the one Southampton suffered only two years prior. The only difference is that Michael Wilde and Rupert Lowe were not arrested. The following is an extract as to the events prior to the administration of Portsmouth FC

On 23 November 2011, a Europe-wide arrest warrant was issued for Portsmouth F.C. owner, Vladimir Antonov, by Lithuanian prosecutors as part of an investigation into alleged asset stripping at Lithuanian bank Bankas Snoras, which is 68% owned by Antonov and went into temporary administration the previous week. Operations in another of Antonov’s banks, Latvijas Krajbanka were suspended by Latvian authorities on 22 November 2011 for similar reasons. Antonov was subsequently arrested at his offices in London on 24 November 2011 and has been bailed

Again the FA has failed the UK football fans as their “fit and proper test” has chronically failed and the word miserably doesn’t even cover it. Yet today is the 22nd December and Portsmouth still have not had a points deduction. Following the furore that they had a couple of seasons ago where they did not pay their players and staff for several months and to this day it is beyond me how they are still a football club, because any other company in the business world would have been liquidated without hesitation, a bit like Chester City FC, of whom I still feel sorry for the fans.

Southampton had the book thrown at them, yet Portsmouth have got away with murder time and time again. Well done FA on a f*cking terrible job!

So here we are again with Portsmouth dodging a supernova sized bullet by not receiving a points deduction from their parent company being thrust into administration, yet the FA did not have any hesitation when it was Southampton in the same boat. Plus if you watched the South Coast derby on BBC1 last Sunday and saw how in every moment where the camera panned into the crowd or zoomed in when a Southampton player had a throw in or corner, there was some moron either mouthing the f-word or gesturing with the “wanker” sign. This was on LIVE television. The chants were all abusive and Steve Claridge and Alan Shearer were very professional in remarking about the atmosphere, paper over the cracks that about 15,000 Portsmouth fans only vocally produced obscenities throughout the 90 minutes. Yet a poll said that Fratton Park had one of the best atmospheres in the country. If the FA actually had any kind of sense of authority they should have thrown Portsmouth out the league last time round instead of subjecting us to these awful and abusive fans on our televisions when some of us just want to watch good football.

Well done FA, thanks for failing again miserably. Either dock them some more points or throw them out the league like you did with Southampton and Chester respectively, because at the moment, your inconsistency is shocking at present.

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